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9 May 22  
  • Added to the Herself wing of the Gallery a number of new Wendy images:
    • Another formal image of Wendy sitting on a blanket-drapped table in her mother's B&B in 1966.
    • A third image added to a set from 1969.
    • Added a second image from July of 1962 and improved the first one.
    • Yet another extremely cute image from her July 1969 shoot in St George's Gardens.
  • Improved a few of the images from her publicity photos for Harpers West One in the 1962 room of the Gallery.
  • Improved four of Wendy's Turn Out the Lights photos and added a fifth.  In the 1967 room.
  • Added two more color publicity shots for Weavers Green into the nearby 1966 room.
  • Another publicity photo from the set of EastEnders, this time in the Gallery's 1991 room.
  • Expanded the write-up for Wendy's appearances on Hogg's Back.
  • Added a large photo montage for each of her six Hogg's Back episodes in the 1975 room of the Seventies wing of the Gallery.
30 Jun 21  
  • Added to the Herself wing of the Gallery a variety of fresh Wendy images from over the years:
    • Another photo of a very young Wendy in 1966.
    • Two shots from her 1962 photoshoots.
    • An additional image from her July 1969 shoot (and changed the link for St George's Gardens -- weirdly, the old one has suddenly started pointing to a video gaming site...).
    • A trio of snapshots of Wendy at a fashion event in the early 1990s.
    • A 1971 publicity shot.
    • Wendy featured on the front page of a magazine in 1988; and another shot of her from a 1977 magazine article.
    • A snap of Wendy and Peter Dean from her March 1990 wedding.
  • Introduced another publicity photo from Grace & Favour to the 1991 room of the Gallery:  Wendy and cake -- can it possibly get any better than that?
  • Another publicity photo from the set of EastEnders, also in the Gallery's 1991 room.
  • Added a few more words to the write-up about Wendy's 1983 interview on Breakfast Time, as well as displaying a montage of images from the same in that room of the Gallery.
  • Added an English translation of a 1990 article about Wendy who'd just married again in April of that year.  The rather bittersweet article appeared in Weekend, a Dutch celebrity and leisure magazine.
  • A couple of more entries added to the print articles page.
4 Oct 20  
  • Added an English translation of a 1977 interview article with Wendy that appeared in Mix, a Dutch celebrity magazine.
  • Noted in a new write-up Wendy's appearance in 2008 on The New Paul O'Grady Show.
  • Also added quotes from Wendy to the existing write-ups of her 2008 Marple and All Star Mr. & Mrs guest appearances.
  • One or two more images of the program for Wendy's Peterborough's engagement of Blithe Spirit in 1980.
  • Dropped a third image of Wendy on the set of Celebrity Squares, this time in 1994, to that room of the Gallery.  Tweaked the CS write-up to reflect same.
  • Added links to a couple of Wendy blooper clips from Grace & Favour; and a new image from that show in the Gallery's 1992 room.
  • A second publicity close-up of Wendy from Both Ends Meet added to the 1972 room of the Gallery.
  • Included another publicity close-up image from her 1977 movie Are You Being Served? to that room of the Gallery; an AYBS publicity photo with the cast in Scottish dress added to the 1981 room; and a remark about Wendy's attire there.
  • Added a few more words to the write-up about the 1980s gameshow 3-2-1.
  • A few more entries added to the print articles page.
6 Sep 20  
  • Added to the Herself wing of the Gallery a couple of very rare black-and-white photos from some early shoots Wendy did in London:  one in 1962 and the other in 1969.
  • Noted the availability of Are You Being Served? soundtrack CDs, with Wendy's linking narration, to the Voice section (plus audio samples).
  • Added a write-up for her short appearance in 1998 for the documentary What's a Carry On?
  • Another still from Wendy's work on Help! with Paul McCartney and Frankie Howerd added to the 1965 room of the Gallery.
  •  Rediscovered an old and very positive 2000 interview with Wendy from The Daily Express and added it back to the Online Articles.
  • Expanded the info about The Making of Jericho (an episode of the BBC Play of the Month from 1966).
  • Repaired many hundreds of broken external links (and a few internal ones too).  Some hyperlinks now point to newer sources; others now offer the page versions as archived by the Internet Archives Wayback Machine, in those cases where the original reference remains interesting and relevant.
12 Oct 19  
  • Added a very rarely seen publicity shot of Wendy on the set of the comedy series Both Ends Meet to the 1972 room of the Gallery.
  • Happily, about a dozen additional stills of Wendy have come to light from the photoshoot done 53 years ago to publicize her appearance in Weaver's Green.  These have been added to the 1966 room of the Gallery, and the overall set of photos there rearranged.
  • A fourth still related to Wendy's work on Turn Out The Lights, now in the 1967 room of the Gallery.
  • Added a couple of images from the striped-shirt photoshoot Wendy did in 1972 to the Herself wing of the Gallery.
  • Improved one of the 1962 publicity shots from the set for Harpers West One in that year's room of the Gallery.
  • Included a new Gumshoe publicity photo in the 1971 room of the Gallery.
  • The 1986 room of the Gallery now has a couple more images of Wendy's Cinderella panto engagement in Brighton in December of that year.
3 Aug 19  
  • A revamp of the long-neglected Links Page.  Added some new external links of interest, and fixed those that had been broken (many for quite some time).
4 Jul 19  
  • Added yet another new-found publicity image (and caption) for Weaver's Green to the 1966 room of the Gallery, and replaced another previous one with a better example.
  • Posted a series of publicity photos to the 1986 room of Wendy in costume for a panto engagement of Cinderella, winter 1986.
  • Made a couple of additions to the Herself wing of the Gallery:  a fourth photo to a set from 1966; a third photo to a set from 1971, as well as a few stand-alone images.
  • A few descriptive words added to the Carry On Matron images in the 1972 room of the Gallery.
  • Only a couple of articles added to the print articles page.
24 Nov 18  
  • Add a couple of images to the Blithe Spirit section of Wendy's stage work.
  • An image from Carry On Girls and another from Bowler added to the 1973 room of the Gallery.
  • A number of publicity photos from the early 1990s added to the Herself Gallery, and one from the 1970s.
  • Corrected the external link to Miss Jackson's AYBS-Beatles page, as well as adding a few new-found images from Wendy's Help! scene to the 1965 room of the Gallery.
  • Another Weaver's Green publicity photo of a bikini-clad Wendy added to the 1966 room of the Gallery.
  • A few old and new-ish articles about Wendy reviewed on the print articles page.
6 Jul 18  
  • A couple of early 1970s publicity pix of Wendy's added to the Herself Gallery.
  • An English translation of a fairly early Dutch article in Viva (June, 1977) added to the print articles page; the lovely full-page portrait of Wendy from that same article added to the Herself Gallery.
  • Another English translation, this one of a Dutch article in Actueel (Jan, 1984) has also been added to the print articles page.
  • Photos from the late 1980s added to the Herself Gallery.
  • Noted on the TV page a possible appearance by Wendy on the cooking showing Hudson and Halls.  This would have likely been around 1990.
  • Additional articles related to Wendy, many of them from old Dutch celebrity magazines, reviewed on the print articles page.
18 Mar 18  
  • Image of an elegant, but playful Wendy added to the Herself Gallery.
  • An English translation of the Dutch article in Weekend (Feb, 1987), where the image appeared, added to the print articles page.
  • Removed the unobtrusive commercial links at the bottom of every single page on the site, since the provider of the hit counters used here, AmazingCounter.com, no longer requires those links as a condition for using their free counters.  Way to go!!!
30 Dec 17  
  • A review of a nearly-unknown work of Wendy's:  her guest appearance in 1973 on the short-lived comedy series Bowler.
  • Two images from the above-mentioned series are now in the 1973 room of the Gallery.
  • A publicity photo from Spooner's Patch added to the 1979 room of the Gallery, and the show's short write-up improved with a few details about Wendy's role.
  • A trio of rarely-seen alternate publicity photos for Wendy's 1986 musical collaboration with Mike Berry, added to the Music page.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks to the About page.
7 Oct 17  

Twenty years of the WRAP!!  Yes, Wendy fans, it has been two decades (to the day) since the Wendy Richard Appreciation Page went live. 

7 Jan 17  
  • A number of Wendy photos for the Herself Gallery from 1966, mid-1980s, 1994, 2001, and 2007.
  • Add an image of a panto flyer from the 1989/1990 season of Cinderella.
  • A publicity photo for the 1977 Are You Being Served? movie added to that room of the Gallery.
  • Some notes about her appearance on Blankety Blank in 1987, and images for that show added to the 1987 room.
  • Publicity photo from EastEnders added to the 1993 room of the Gallery.
  • Much improved the bridesmaid photo of Wendy from The Newcomers, around 1965, and replaced in the room.
  • For the 1984 room, another couple of early publicity shots for EastEnders.
  • On the Quotes page, added a tribute to Wendy by her long-time friend Ian Lavender shortly after her passing.
  • And . . . more print articles, in varying detail.
  • Note on About page an alternative method for watching out-of-region DVDs.
27 Aug 16  
17 Jan 16  
  • Some more Wendy photos for the Herself Gallery:
    • Wendy lounging quite comfortably.
    • Attending an unknown event in the 1990s.
    • A happy Wendy, 1984.
    • . . . And again, some years later.
    • Some additional glamor pictures from a set done outdoors in 1972.
  • An entry in the 1990s wing of the Gallery for Wendy's re-visit to the game show You Bet.
  • A couple of stills added to the 1964 room from her rarely-seen short film Don't I Look Like A Lord's Son?
  • In the 1986 room is now a publicity photo for the Christmas episode of EastEnders.
  • A large number of print articles added; mostly from the early- and mid-1990s that deal with Wendy's illness and her third marriage.
15 Sep 15  
  • Some more Wendy photos for the Herself Gallery:
    • A set of images from the TRIC Awards in 1986.
    • Walking a dog in Regent's Park.
    • Posing in the '60s.
    • Arriving in style at an unknown event.
    • John Inman fixing Wendy's hair.
    • Publicizing a 1990 charity telethon.
    • Cover girl Wendy!
    • Link to photos of a Dad's Army event in Bressingham that Wendy attended back in 2003.
    • Greatly improved circa-1974 photo of Wendy in her hearts shirt.
  • Additional shot of Wendy from Carry On Girls! added to the 1973 room of the Gallery.
  • A publicity photo of Wendy from Fenn Street Gang, from late 1972, with comment.
  • Another magazine cover from 1996 in that room of the Gallery.
  • As usual, a new and varied selection of print articles about Wendy, some with quotes from the lady.
19 Mar 15  
25 Aug 14  
2 Feb 14  
  • Yes, the WRAP remains active!  Updates will be smaller and regrettably less frequent, but let's see if that's manageable.
  • A number of great publicity photos for Wendy's series Weaver's Green, added to the 1966 room of the Gallery.
  • Some clean-up on the Music page, with some new photos revisiting a couple of sites of Wendy's 1962 publicity photos.
  • Note print articles, most many years old.
21 Oct 12  
  • Dear Wendy fans:
    Your webmeister has recently embarked on post-graduate studies.  These, along with concurrent full-time employment and family obligations, leave very little time for enjoyable activities such as the WRAP.  But be assured:  the site is here to stay, and there are still plenty of things new to say about Wendy's life and career (. . . says the seven-inch-high stack of articles, DVDs, photos, magazines, and VHS tapes waiting to be reviewed and posted).  But, regretfully, the aforementioned commitments require that updates be offered over a longer period:  instead of monthly, perhaps three or four times a year.  Please be sure to drop an email if you have any questions or concerns about this approach.
    Warmest regards to all!
23 Jul 12  
  • Some new images in the Herself wing of the Gallery:  a 1986 modeling image; one from 1983; and a re-processing of a magazine cover from 1988; yes, that's much better!
  • Note Wendy's appearance on The New Paul O'Grady and Parkinson shows; write-ups to follow.
  • Apologies for the many dead external hyperlinks which have quietly accumulated over the years.  Your webmeister has begun to clean up the link rot, but it will take a little while.
  • Print articles, as usual.
26 Feb 12  

It's been three years now since Wendy passed away . . .

26 Dec 11  
21 Nov 11  
30 Sep 11  
  • Frequent visitors may have noticed on 25 September that the WRAP homepage was hacked by some misguided soul who managed to damage a number of unrelated websites supported by the same webhosting service provider.  Happily, the damage was quickly detected and repaired by their tech support team.  Thumbs up to In Motion for the fast and proactive recovery work!
  • From 1964, an unknown short film of Wendy's discovered!  Review added, as well as a photo montage.
  • Some posed photos added from 1963 and 1966 to the top of the Herself Gallery.
  • Location added for her late-1989 work in Cinderella.
  • Yes, more print articles, too.
18 Aug 11  
26 Jun 11  
2 Apr 11  
  • The site's move is complete.  Only the home page remains on the old site with pointers to the new location here on ww.kcandcj.net.  The old placeholder will stay 'till AT&T pulls the plug on Prodigy Pages.
  • Note a mid-1963 mention of Wendy.
  • A brief write-up on Wendy's appearance on game show Definition in 1979.
  • Some older photos, from 1979 and 1986.
  • Note print articles, some old and some new-ish.
  • All pages now have new counters; fixed various link problems found during the migration:  Weekend translation, My Favourite Hymn transcript, among others.
17 Feb 11  
  • Flash:  The WRAP has moved to this current location on www.kcandcj.net.  The old site on pages.prodigy.net will go dark within the next few weeks as your webmeister completes the migration.
  • Add a rarely seen 1974 publicity photo to the Herself wing of the Gallery.
  • Other photos to the 1981 and 1985 rooms, with a correction to a photo in the 1993 room.
  • Some selected audio clips of Wendy's lines from The Fenn Street Gang.
  • Some further clean-up (and fixing) of existing audio files.
  • Additional text on Herself and Her Cards pages about photo usage in The Spotlight (an industry casting reference book).
  • And more print articles.
  • Begin replacing the counter graphics at the foot of each page; why this is necessary is detailed on the About page.  Incidentally, the home page counter recently ticked over 240,000 hits.  My most sincere thanks to all who have visited since 1997!
21 Jan 11  
  • Add an initial write-up for Wendy's participation in the production of The Trial of Gemma Lang in 2007.
  • Modest re-design of audio quote pages for readability, starting with some of the Pauline Fowler clips.
  • More print articles added.
  • Add a previously suspect image to the 1967 room of the Gallery, as well as a composite image that helps show that it's indeed Wendy.
  • Append additional info and/or pix to existing sets in the Herself wing of the Gallery.
  • Images added to the 1977 and 1993 rooms of the Gallery.
  • Fixed some damaged hyperlinks between various pages within the Gallery.
21 Dec 10  
14 Nov 10  
20 Sep 10  
1 Aug 10  
2 Jul 10  
6 Jun 10  
3 Apr 10  
6 Mar 10  
13 Feb 10  
2 Jan 10  
1 Dec 09  
4 Nov 09  
10 Oct 09  
13 Sep 09  
14 Aug 09  
3 May  09  
  • Though it's been a few months since Wendy passed away, I find it is still too soon to resume work on the Wendy Richard Appreciation Page website.  Eventually I shall.  But every photo, every interview, every document, every single word is a reflection, an echo, of the life, the thoughts, the feeling -- indeed, the spirit -- of that lovely lady.  As such, they are for me a keen and constant reminder that Wendy is no longer with us.  I expect to take up the keyboard again and continue to do my best to celebrate the life and spirit of this remarkable person; there is so much more to say about her.  But just not yet.
26 Feb  09  
  • Sad news for all who knew Wendy as friend and colleague.
29 Dec  08  
  • A photo from around 1967 added to the Herself wing of the Gallery.
  • Mercifully, the press has been leaving Wendy alone as she pursues treatment for her recurrent illness.  The additional print articles noted here are mostly from a couple of months ago.
  • Also note bunches more late-2008 online articles.
  • Add a 1997 publicity photo to that year's room of the Gallery.
  • A few more links to Pauline-oriented video clips on YouTube.
  • Expand the write-up for 1993's game show Shooting Stars.
  • Add a write-up for the game show Celebrity Squares, plus a related photo from 1976.
  • A YouTube link to Wendy's appearance on Wogan in 1986.
27 Nov  08  
  • A montage added to the 1972 room of the Gallery for The Fenn Street Gang.
  • Added a montage to the 2008 room of the Gallery for Benidorm.
  • Note many additional print articles.
  • Photo montage from This Is Your Life added to the 1998 room of the Gallery.
  • Add a few images to the Herself wing of the Gallery; one from a 1986 magazine article; another possibly from a late-1960s modeling session.
  • Give the Interview index a badly-needed update.  This page lists the many transcripts from articles and talk shows where Wendy speaking about herself and her work, providing much insight into this complex lady.
9 Nov  08  
  • An encouraging update on Wendy's condition on the Current page.
  • More print articles, including a mention of the recent issue of OK! that contains great coverage of her wedding last month.
28 Oct  08  
  • Add quite a large number of links to recent online articles that report on Wendy's health, as well as her marriage to long-time partner John Burns.  It's probably worth noting that headlines are, by their nature, lurid and sensational and may not truly summarize the news or event (surprise!).  Although the majority of recent articles tend to mention Wendy as 'dying', the lady herself -- though understanding her medical condition is indeed very serious -- does not share such a pessimistic assessment.  See this one particular article, which states succinctly Wendy's own view about how the media is portraying her illness.
  • Various print articles, old and new, noted.
10 Oct  08  
  •  Current page updated with a link to a Mail Online article from today.
5 Oct  08  
  • Some dismaying news:  Wendy's health problems have evidently taken a serious turn for the worst.  Various media in the UK are reporting on it.  Here is the BBC's article.  Other reports are linked from the Current page.
7 Sep  08  
  • A write-up added for Wendy's appearance on Dog Rescue in early 2008.
  • Various articles about the lady, mostly within last year or so.
  • Added a montage to the 1971 room of the Gallery for Please Sir!
  • An image from Blankety-Blank added to the 1981 room of the Gallery.
  • Also, image added from the Post Office advertisement, to the 2007 room.
  • Finally, image from Grace and Favour added to 1990s wing.
29 Jul  08  
26 Jun  08  
19 May  08  
25 Apr 08  
30 Mar 08  
  • A number of additional print articles about Wendy; some old, some new.  Related photos to the Herself wing of the Gallery.
  • An article from March 1977 added; with transcript, and image.
  • Pointer to an interesting online article, from 2008.
  • Montage of images from her interview for the recent release of Help! on DVD added to the 2007 room of the Gallery.
  • A close look at one of Wendy's more recent (2006) publicity cards.  
  • Add mention to the TV summary section about upcoming new shows.
  • A rarely-seen image of Wendy from her early series The Newcomers circa 1965, added to the 1960s wing of the Gallery.
28 Feb 08  
24 Nov 07  
31 Oct 07  
09 Sep 07  
26 Aug 07  
7 May 07  
10 Apr 07  
  • Note an announcement of Wendy's imminent return to light comedy.
  • Sadly, Wendy's friend and colleague John Inman passed away in March.  Document a number of online articles about his passing that happen to also mention Wendy.  Too, add a few other newly discovered Wendy-related links.
  • At last!  File size being less of an issue these days as in years past, your webmeister has reworked all those wearisome Real Audio snippets into the more common and widely-supported MP3 format.  See both the quote pages and the music page.
  • Fixed a couple of links to the BBC website for EastEnders, on one of the TV pages.
  • More hardcopy articles noted on the Print page.
14 Mar 07  
3 Mar 07  
  • FLASH! In the UK, the Biography Channel will re-air on 23 March the Gloria Hunniford program entitled Gloria's Greats:  Wendy Richard.
  • Add the Gloria's Greats show to the TV listing pages.
  • Numerous more hardcopy articles noted on the Print page, with some related photos added to the top of the Herself wing of the Gallery.
  • Expanded data on her panto work in 1983, including rare images added to the 1983 room of the Gallery.
  • Photo added to 2006 room of the Gallery.
  • Update the EastEnders write-up.
29 Jan 07  
  • Wendy did a delightful interview on Irish television the middle of this month.
  • Note the BBC's offering of additional Wendy/Pauline wallpaper images on the Art page of the Gallery, as well as clean up the links to earlier BBC wallpapers (some of which have simply disappeared over time).
  • Add an image to the 2006 room of the Gallery of Pauline Fowler's last scene in EastEnders.
  • Numerous hardcopy articles, new and old, added to the Print page.
  • Tweak the EastEnders write-up to note Wendy's departure.
  • Note a handful of additional web-article links at the Online Articles page from over the last few months.
  • Add a minimum of background info for series Pardon the Expression, which Wendy apparently worked on back in the mid-Sixties.
  • The World Wide Web being what it is, links come and go with hardly a notice.  Have made a pass through the site and corrected or removed various broken external links.  This will be an ongoing activity.
23 Dec 06  
  • FLASH! In the UK, the Biography Channel will air a program hosted by Gloria Hunniford on the evening of Tuesday, 26 Dec 06, entitled Gloria's Greats:  Wendy Richard, dedicated to our favorite English actress.  Check here for details (archived link), and if you're in the UK (alas, your webmeister is not....), be sure to tune in!
  • Note a rather nice article in Hello! from mid-2006, on the Print page, as well as a number of other recent print articles.
  • Link to an excellent and thorough online article from Mirror.co.uk, Feb '06, added to the Online interviews page.
  • Another good article from 1997 notedTranscript added, and photo caption corrected to note the source.
  • Note many online articles from July of 2006, originating from various sources:  BBC, the Daily Mail, the Sunday Mirror, Mirror.co.uk, and the Times Online.
  • Similarly, note another flurry of online articles, from mostly the same sources, in August of 2006.
  • And note a couple of much earlier online articles (here and here) from the Daily Mail, September of 2002.
  • Add mention of an activity that Wendy has done for the Dogs for the Disabled organization, and note the sale of a calendar that shall benefit a BBC charity appeal.
  • Updated the Intro page.
16 Nov 06  
7 Oct 06  
30 Aug 06  
7 Aug 06  
  • British gameshow host Nicholas Parson sizes up Wendy.
  • A look at an article from The People newspaper, June, 2006.
  • Back-WRAP:  Correction to the write-up about a July, 1989 "interview".
  • Addition of a montage of much-improved images from Dad's Army: My British Buddy added to the 1973 room of the Gallery.
  • Tweaks, and image added, to the Music page, based on info from The Illustrated History of Pop; book added to the bibliography.
  • Yet another blast from the past: a rather interesting publicity image of Wendy from late-1966 added to the Herself wing of the Gallery.
13 Jul 06  
11 Jul 06  
26 Jun 06  
22 May 06  
28 Apr  06  
  • As counter to the persistent criticism about "grumpy, gloomy Pauline", a montage of images from EastEnders illustrating the softer, happier side of Wendy's screen-personality, added to the Art wing of the Gallery as a wallpaper.
  • Captions updated or corrected for a number of photos in the Herself wing of the gallery, based on conversation with Wendy.
  • An interview from 1988 noted on the Articles page (transcript included) with an excellent photo added to the Herself  wing of the Gallery.
  • An EastEnders-related photo and comment added to the 2001 room of the Gallery.
  • An improved montage from the episode The King Was In His Counting House from the series Dad's Army added to the 1970s wing of the Gallery.
  • Note an article from 1962 and include the photo in the 1960s wing of the Gallery.
  • Another print article (The Guardian, 2006) added to Articles page.
  • Add brief entries for her Star Turn and Seaside Special appearances in 1976 (no specifics).
  • Some global changes to the site's appearance to improve readability and navigation; cascading style sheets introduced to make the site's formatting more consistent.
  • A couple of comments about Wendy and Hugh and I and AYBS? noted from David Croft's engrossing autobiography.
2 Apr 06  
19 Feb  06  
6 Feb  06  
6 Jan 06  
12 Dec 05  
20 Nov 05  
2 Oct 05  
17 Sep 05  
19 Aug 05  
  • Some sad news on the Current page.
Earlier entries (back to 1997) are now kept on the What's New Archive page.

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