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RADIO TIMES, 18 January 1992

Who Collects What: Wendy Richard

John Inman and I were doing summer season in Blackpool in 1976 and I was scouring the shops for antique glass, which I also collect, when we saw this beautiful china frog.  John told me a ridiculous joke about a wide-mouthed bullfrog and that was it -- I was away.  I now have over 2,000 frogs of various descriptions.

People know that I collect froggy things so they're very good at birthdays and Christmas.  Paul, my husband, gave me a lovely Lalique crystal frog and a gold frog brooch that he'd had made for me.  The biggest item we have is a huge carved wooden frog that we use as a table.  It weighs half a ton!  The frogs are all over the house.  Some are valuable, especially the jewellery.

My strangest frog is a horrible one I found in Singapore.  It's made of green stone with red stones set in its back and a Chinese coin in its mouth.  You're supposed to have it facing the door during the day to keep the money coming in, then turn it around at night to make the money stay.  I sometimes forget to turn it round and I get really worried!

Wendy Richard / Unknown

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