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WOMAN, 29 August 1987

What A Lot I've Got!

Wendy Richard (Pauline Fowler of EastEnders) collects frogs

"I try to buy a frog wherever I go," says Wendy.  "There are some here from America, France, Holland, and my friends always know what to give me for presents."

The cream jug on the table was the first one she bought -- in 1974 -- and dates back to the early 1900s.  She now has hundreds.

Gilly Taylforth, who plays Kath in EastEnders, has given Wendy a joke frog that sits on a bath plug; and Vivienne Johnson from Are You Being Served gave her the large green frog plant holder on the table.

Wendy has some valuable frogs, one in Lalique crystal (not shown) -- and her favourite is a large sea shell with shell frogs on it that dates back to Victorian times.

When she was in pantomime at Brighton a fan presented her with a frog she'd made with a lacy ruff and Wendy has that on display too.

Recently Jane Slaughter, who has a non-speaking part running one of the market stalls in EastEnders, gave her the eye-catching frog sweat-shirt.  "You never know what you'll get next," says Wendy.  "It's great!"

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