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This page is a quick index for the many interviews Wendy did, both for print media and on television. Looking for insights about Wendy? Browse the selection here; see what you discover about this redoubtable lady.

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New data  PRIVE (1986) "Wendy Richard:  My Husband Beat Me Black And Blue"

New data  PRIVE (1987) "Why Wendy Richard Didn't Want To Live Any Longer"

New data  WEEKEND (May 77) "I'm Always Free for Weekend"

Interview Portfolio

Woman's Hour (2007) Interview on Woman's Hour

Parkinson (Radio, 2005) Interview on Parkinson

Breakfast (TV, 2004) Interview on Breakfast

My Favorite Hymns (TV, 2003) Interview on My Favorite Hymns

Houston KUHT (TV, 2003) Interview for PBS station KUHT

Heaven and Earth (TV, 2000) Interview on Heaven and Earth

MAIL WEEKEND (Jul 99) "A West End Girl At Heart"

Holiday Memories (TV, 1999) Appearance on Holiday Memories

HOMES & IDEAS (Sep 97) "Behind the scenes with Wendy Richard"

WOMAN'S WEEKLY (Sep 97) "We Laugh Non-Stop"

New data  WEEKEND (Jun 96) "New Fear For Eastender's Star Wendy Richard"

WEEKEND (Mar 96) "I Discovered the Small Lump Whilst In The Shower"

TV TIMES (Feb 95) "My Weekend:  Wendy Richard"

BELLA (Jul 93) "We're All Going on Our Summer Holidays . . ."

SUNDAY EXPRESS (Oct 92) "Going Shopping: Wendy Richard"

MY WEEKLY (Apr 92) "The EastEnder Who Went West!"

RADIO TIMES (Jan 92) "Who Collects What"

WOMAN (Jan 92) "I'm Back, He's Free"

New data  SUNDAY MIRROR MAG (Apr 91) "Eastender Wendy's Westend Hideaway"

WOMAN (Feb 91) "Why Pauline Can Go On Smiling . . ."

RADIO TIMES (Dec 90) "Pauline is the Salt of the Earth . . ."

WOMANS OWN (Jun 90) "Marrying Paul Just Felt So Right"

RADIO TIMES (Jun 90) "My Kind of Day"

SOAP OPERA WEEKLY (May 90) "Report From London, Part II: Why The Brits Don't Love Our Soaps"

BELLA (1990) "West Ender Wendy"

MY WEEKLY (Jul 89) "I'm Not A Bit Like Pauline"

New data  WEEKEND (May 89) "Weekend Start File:  Wendy Richard"

WOMAN (Mar 89) "Inside A Wendy House"

SUNDAY MIRROR (Jan 89) "Seeing Red"

WOMAN'S OWN (Sep 88) "A New Wardrobe For Wendy"

CELEBRITY (Mar 88) "Wendy's House"

WOMAN (Aug 87) "What I Lot I've Got"

MY WEEKLY (Apr 87) " 'I Couldn't Go On Playing Dolly Birds For Ever,' Says Wendy Richard"

VERONICA (Jan 87) "Wendy Richard: A Strong Personality in EastEnders"

WOMAN'S OWN (Jan 87) "Pauline Would Be Proud of Me"

JUST SEVENTEEN (Dec 86) "It's A Record And She's From EastEnders.  Guess Who?"

ANNABEL (Sep 86) "Eastend Story"

FAMILY CIRCLE (Aug 86) "Pauline Goes Upmarket!"

STORY (May 86) "Lonely Wendy Richard"

NZ TRUTH (Feb 86) "Men and Me"

RADIO TIMES (Oct 85) "Family Matters in Albert Square"

DAILY EXPRESS (Oct 85) "Why It's So Worthwhile For Wendy"

WEEKEND AND TITBITS (May 85) "Heartbreak Behind Wendy's TV Role"

WOMAN'S REALM (Apr 85) "Sunday Rest"

WOMAN'S REALM (Mar 83) "Eat Your Heart Out, Kermit!"

PRIVE (Feb 81) "Why Miss Brahms Conceals Her Age"

STORY (Jul 80) "Miss Brahms Is Crazy About Her Many Little Friends"

MIX (Apr 80) "They Won't See Me Behind A Counter Ever Again"

HITKRANT (Oct 78) "Wendy Richard Can't Stand To See Another Department Store!"

WEEKEND (Mar 77) "The Man Who Changed My Mind About Marriage"

New data  TV TIMES (Feb 72) "Wendy's Cheek and Backchat"

TV TIMES (Oct 62) " 'Come Outside' Girl Joins Harpers West One"

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS (Jun 62) "Outside With Mike"

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