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BELLA, 28 July 1993

We're all going on our summer holidays . . .

EastEnders star Wendy Richard, who plays Pauline Fowler, isn't likely to forget her best holiday -- it was her three-week honeymoon!

She married husband Paul three years ago.  "It was fabulous.  We went to Singapore, Hawaii and Sydney -- and Peter Dean, who plays my brother Pete in EastEnders, and his wife Jean came too," she says.

Their holiday also took in Australia's Barrier Reef.  "Everyone was going snorkelling except me -- I can't stand cold water," explains Wendy.  "But then I thought:  'I can't come all this way without having a go!'  So I took the plunge.  I didn't notice the cold in the end.  The world below was wonderful.  There were thousands of little fish, all brilliantly coloured.  I'll never forget it as long as I live."

Wendy has happy memories of Singapore too, but for a different reason -- she spent 10 hours shopping there in one day!  "I turn into a shopaholic when I'm on holiday," she says laughing.

Wendy, 47, prefers sightseeing to sunbathing these days.  "I realise now how ageing sunbathing is.  Paul and I visit places instead and we love wandering around old churchyards."

Being a celeb can be a bit of a drawback when it comes to holidays, though.  "I put on my tinted glasses but as soon as I open my mouth people recognise me!" she says.

Last year Wendy went to a health farm in Suffolk.  "I spent three days asleep and then did my tapestry while I watched a season of Joan Crawford movies.  Bliss!

"This year we'll just take a couple of short breaks, maybe to Dorset or Brighton.

"Brighton has some wonderful restaurants -- good food and wine is important to me on holiday.  Oh, and shops!"

Lucia Green

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