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WOMAN'S REALM, 19 March 1983

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things . . .

Eat your heart out, Kermit!

Frogs are my thing," says actress Wendy Richard.  "I've been collecting them for years and have over 400 now!  Lots of my friends buy me froggy presents for birthdays and Christmas.  I even have some lovely froggy jewelry -- rings and charms.

"The china frogs go well in my Victorian flat as I have masses of plants for them to hide under, but they do collect the dust.  This drives my cleaning lady mad, so I've had to put some away -- it was either her or them, and I'm very fond of her!

"A 1910 jug shaped like a bull frog is my favourite.  I'm holding one that's 200 years old.  He's a three-legged toad, in fact, with a 'pearl' in his mouth."

Wendy will be appearing again as Miss Brahms in a new series of Are You Being Served? on BBC television this spring.  She has also recently recorded a BBC West Country Tale called Love From Belinda, which is to be shown later on this year.

Author Unknown

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