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WOMAN'S OWN, 20 September 1988

A New Wardrobe For Wendy

Wendy lost 20 lbs in four weeks.

Working long hours on the set of EastEnders with snatched meals and frequent knees-ups with the cast left Wendy Richards with a problem -- how to shift some weight fast!

She wanted a diet that would fit in with her busy schedule but still maintain her energy level.  So, for one month Wendy totally replaced all her meals with the Cambridge Diet.  Now, she's a whole 20 lb. lighter and she's determined that she's not going to slip back!

"When I lost all my extra weight I was so delighted that I rushed out and bought myself a whole new wardrobe of clothes to celebrate.  Now when I find they're getting a bit too tight, I cut down on the calories."

As Wendy is around her ideal weight level, this doesn't mean dramatic dieting.  She simply goes back on to her diet for a couple of days or spends a day eating just fruit.

Although Wendy doesn't eat much meat, her downfall is a weakness for Indian food and pasta!  She admits:  "I love prawn curry, with all the trimmings; special fried rice, poppadoms and vegetable side dishes.  My other passion is whole-meal pasta with masses of garlic butter!  I don't have too much of a sweet tooth, but like most people, I can't stop at one choc, I have to have two or three!"

The last couple of months have been really hectic for Wendy.  Besides her busy work schedule, there have been lots of birthdays, weddings and celebrations.  "I have really over-indulged," she admits.  "Now I'm going to have to go back on my diet for a couple of days!"


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