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JUST SEVENTEEN, 3 December 1986

It's a record, and she's from EastEnders.  Guess who!

Wendy Richard (Pauline Fowler) has teamed up with Mike (Are You Being Served?) Berry to make a record.  It's called Come Outside and the original version was a hit way back when.  Could Wendy be just another EastEnder to add to the list of hopeful pop stars?

WR : "Mike and I have been talking about doing this for three years now, since we were in Are You Being Served? together."

MB : "We actually made the record in March, and it's taken till now to release it."

WR : "I want to make it very clear that we're not jumping on any bandwagon.  I can't comment on what other members of the cast do, or their motives for doing it."

Mmmmm.  The original version of Come Outside, by Wendy, with long lost and forgotten actor Mike Sarne, reached No.1 in 1962.  But the prospect of being a pop star 24 years later doesn't worry her.

WR : "It didn't bother me then, so I can't see why it should bother me now."

MB : "What we've done with this record is to have the original characters from the song meeting up again 24 year later.  So, really, it's right for Wendy to be doing it again, rather than someone unconnected with the first record."

A-ha!  A concept.  By the way, Wendy, what's going to happen to Arthur?

WR : "Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you."



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