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As I come across images, I simply push them onto the stack here.  The most recent new photos are those at the top, as well as older photos which have been improved in some way or regrouped.  But a note to new visitors: some fine images may be found further down the page too!

Of unknown origin, this photo offers a fine portrait of Wendy, probably from around the mid-1970s.

 Wendy Richard close up portrait, circa mid-1970s (122k) New data

New data  (127k) Wendy Richard hold a record album   (43k) Wendy Richard holding a record album

The exact circumstances of this cute image are unknown.  Wendy appears to be in a bedroom -- there is a bed, portable TV set, space heater, record player, a toiletries or makeup rack, and pictures of various celebrities stuck up on the walls.  Whether this is a set stage or Wendy's own room at home is not clear.  The original photo is undated, but a close look at the cover of the LP album Wendy is holding shows it to be Georgie Fame's "Sweet Things", which came out in mid-1966, meaning this photo is no older than that.  The two photos here are the same, except the second is the original uncropped K120-format image.
As for the photos on the wall -- the one right above Wendy's head is Scott Walker, of the band The Walker Brothers.  On the far right, just above the travel alarm clock, is Ringo Starr, and one can see the other members of the Beatles in the wider K120 picture.  Above and to the left of Walker, and slightly askew, appears to be a snap of American singer-songwriter Gene Pitney.  In the group of three to the right of Pitney, the top right is Cathy McGowan, a well-known TV presenter of the time who used to present a pop music show called Ready Steady Go, and next to her might be Steve Marriott, who was in a band named The Small Faces.  (Thanks to Andy in Blighty and Steve in the land Down Under for much of this information!)

New data  Added rightmost pic:  A trio of interesting and rarely seen images from about 1966 (according to Wendy), and probably shot near her home at the time in North London.  Note the mod fashion and short hair. Intriguingly, in two of the images she's at the wheel of the car -- yet Wendy never received her motor vehicle license.  These were posed publicity photos precisely about the fact that she'd failed her driving test so often.

the mod look for Wendy Richard, from 1965 (46k)  Wendy Richard steps out of the car she can't drive, 1965 (113k)  Wendy Richard poses in the driver's seat, 1965. (37k) New data

New data  (148k) Wendy on the cover of National Revue magaine, 1985

Cover girl Wendy!  The full-color portrait of an attractive and confident Wendy is actually one of a set of photos produced to publicize the BBC's new soap opera EastEnders.  The original photo and a couple of others from the photoshoot may been seen in the 1985 room of the Gallery

New data  Added five images:  A nice series all from the same early modeling session.  Some of these pictures are credited erroneously as 1964, but actually all are likely from the same photoshoot Wendy did in May 1960, which would have made her about two months shy of 17 years old here.
The leopard-print outfit she's wearing may or may not be the same garment in the first two sets of shots.  Note what might be the neckstring cords beneath Wendy's left arm in the second set.
The bottom set of three photos are of Wendy modeling capri pants in an identical print.

Modeling photo of Wendy Richard in a brief leopard print swimwear; cinched at the waist (72k)   Modeling photo of Wendy Richard in a brief leopard print swimwear; cinched at the waist. (72k)  New data
Wendy Richard modeling a leopard-spot wrap-around. (83k)   Wendy Richard modeling a leopard-spot wrap-around. (82k) New data
Wendy Richard modeling leopard-spot capri pants. (111k)   Wendy Richard modeling leopard-spot capri pants. (92k)   Wendy Richard modeling leopard-spot capri pants. (96k)  New data

New data  (87k) Crop of Wendy Richard with a group of people at "Granada Club" on unknown date

The background for this image is unclear.  The original photo was labeled on its reverse sinply as "Wendy at the Granada Club in Clapham [Junction, a suburb of London]".  This image is a crop of that original group photo.  Wendy's appearance seems to date the photo to about the mid-1980s.

This snap was captioned on the back as follows:  "Two Jobs for Wendy -- Wendy Richard at Pinewood Studios, where she is appearing in the comedy film 'Carry On Girls.'  Wendy, 23 [sic], has a busy life, for as well as acting she runs an [sic] hotel in the King's Cross area of London." From this information, it's certain the photo was shot in early or mid-1973.

 Wendy Richard poses at the studio for a publicity photo, 1973. (98k) New data

New data  (124k) Wendy with short brown hair; possibly shot at home around 1960

Little is known about this rare and attractive photo.  It is likely that Wendy is in one of the rooms of her mother's B&B.  Her hair is short and dark -- that dates this pic as probably from around 1960.

Yet another outfit that Wendy wore as part of her 1966 B&B shoot.

 Wendy Richard wearing a sleeveless mini-dress and long blonde wig during a photo-session, 1966. (191k) New data

 (192k) Wendy Richard, wearing a light-colored mini-dress and long wig, lounging on a blanket  (151k) Wendy Richard, wearing a light-colored mini-dress and long wig, sitting on a barstool

A couple of infrequently-seen shots that are clearly from Wendy's photoshoot done in the parlor of her mother's B&B in 1966.  Other images from the same shoot can be seen here and here.  In these pictures, Wendy still wears the long blond wig, but now is wearing a light-colored mini-dress.

Both these publicity photos of Wendy date to July of 1962 and are part of a set shot near her home.  Wendy noted to your webmeister in 2003 that in the left-most photograph she wore a wig, and it appears she is also wearing it in the other photo as well.

Wendy Richard sitting in front of a brick wall.  July 1962 publicity photo. (163k)  Wendy Richard sitting on the grass in Argyll Square.  July 1962 publicity photo. (116k)

(169k) Wendy Richard sitting in a grassy square, sometime in 1969.   (53k) Wendy Richard sitting on a wall, smoking, sometime in 1969.   (42k) Wendy Richard sits on stair railing outside an office building, 1969.

Circumstances unknown; year 1969, the month of August.  Judging from Wendy's heavily done eyelashes, these were probably part of a publicity photoshoot, rather than just some casual snaps.  Note Wendy's purse at her feet in the center shot.

In the summer of 1969, Wendy did another outdoor shoot in St. George's Gardens, a municipal park a few minutes walk south of Argyle Street.  Photographer unknown, but possibly the same as that for the 1962 Argyle Street photos.

26-year-old Wendy Richard in a central London park (55k)   26-year-old Wendy Richard in a central London park (97k)   26-year-old Wendy Richard crouches on the lawn in a London park (116k)

 (68k) Wendy relaxing in high suede boots and short shorts. 

Exact circumstance are unknown for this especially attractive shot, but Wendy's appearance seems to mark this as likely in the early 1970s.

Exuberant Wendy!  A delightful action shot from the series of outdoor photos, June 1962.  Wendy here is in Argyle Square (with the spire of St. Pancras train station visible behind her above the trees); she's kicked off her shoes to the left by the path and has taken to the air, while some people in the distance watch.  The brick building at the far end of the square is still there in 2020, though it's a self-storage facility now.  The wooden benches have been replaced by metal ones.  And about where those people are sitting on the lawn is now a basketball court across the width of the square.  The second (right) image is a lovely close-up of Wendy's feat of levitation.

Wendy Richard taking a leap in Argyle Square, London (165k)   Wendy Richard taking a leap (close-up), London (76k)

(112k) Nineteen-year-old Wendy Richard poses in Argyle Street, London   (89k) Nineteen-year-old Wendy Richard poses in Argyle Street, London

Around the time Wendy made Come Outside with Mike Sarne, she posed for a number of photo sessions in central London.  Here we see a few of a series with Wendy in a cute dress standing on a sidewalk.  The clock tower of St. Pancras rail station is visible there in the distance; that pegs this location as Argyle Street, at about No. 34.  This is quite likely just a few steps from where Wendy and her mother ran a B-and-B for some years in that very street.  Now, as then, Argyle Street is home to a number of small hotels.  The information with these photos indicated they were shot on 13 June 1962; however, the photographer is unknown.

This handsome photo is probably from about mid-1971 -- certainly no later than September of that year.  Since 1971 was the year Wendy's movie Gumshoe was released, it's possible this shot was associated with publicity for the film; in fact, Wendy's "Jane Fonda" hairstyle here appears much like what she wore in the movie.

Wendy Richard publicity photo, circa mid-1971 (78k)

 (149k) Wendy Richard and her dog pose in a pastoral setting in Regents Park.   (51k) Wendy Richard and her dog pose in a pastoral setting in Regents Park.   (54k) Wendy Richard, in the park with Shirley, mid-1990s

These are older photos, which Wendy said were taken in 1992 in Regents Park, London.  The left pic is an ink-jet copy of unknown origin (though it appears to have been signed by Wendy); the middle similar image was used in Anthony Slide's book; and the rightmost was included in the 2002 edition of Yours.

These three images are from a strip of negatives shot at what appears to be an event sponsored by Vogue (magazine) along with Selfridges department store and the fashion designer Diane Freis.  No more details are known, including the identity of the other ladies; however, from Wendy's appearance, this event likely took place some time in the very late 1980s or early 1990s.  Why the young lady on the right seems to be carrying a large circular lighting fixture remains a mystery.

Wendy Richard at an unknown event (97k)   Wendy Richard at an unknown event (121k)   Wendy Richard at an unknown event (136k)

 (95k) A very casual Wendy Richard 

From the July 1977 Dutch magazine Mix.  The English translation of the article is here.

Cover girl Wendy!  She appeared on the cover of Chat magazine for 18 July 1988.  This particular front page was signed by Wendy.

Wendy Richard on the cover of "Chat" magazine, July 1988 (121k)

  (64k) Wendy Richard, dressed in business casual, speaks to an audience, date unknown

This image originated as an 8x10 from a dusty newspaper archive.  It appears to be Wendy on-stage speaking in front of an audience, but no more is known about the nature of the event.  Judging from her hairstyle, this may date from the early 1980s, before Wendy cut her hair upon joining the EastEnders cast in 1984.

A quintet of lovely early (1972) publicity pictures.  They are from the same shoot; Wendy's hairstyle is identical in all of them.  Note that the black and white photos, she's wearing hose (tights); whereas in the first color image she's kneeling bare-legged.

 Both of the color photos are only rarely seen, which is a pity since the leftmost is one of Wendy's prettier shots from that period.  It appeared as late as December of 2006 in TV Times magazine.

Wendy Richard kneeling on grass, wearing a blue and white striped shirt (47k)   Wendy Richard leaning against a tree, wearing slacks and a striped shirt (98k)  
Wendy Richard reclining on grass, wearing a blue and white striped shirt - 1972 (110k)   Wendy Richard reclining on grass, wearing a blue and white striped shirt - 1972 (168k)
Wendy Richard reclining on grass, wearing a blue and white striped shirt - 1972 (149k) 

 (104k) Working behind the bar, Wendy Richard pours a drink   (73k) Working behind the bar, Wendy Richard pours a drink
(147k)  Wendy Richard pulls a glass of amontillado for a thirsty punter   (50k) Wendy Richard, working behind the counter of a pub in 1966.

A quartet of related pictures from the time before acting became her full-time profession, when 23-year-old Wendy made ends meet by also working behind the bar of a London pub.  All these shots are from a series done in May 1966 as publicity for her appearance on the television series Weavers Green.  But whereas a number of other photos show Wendy in character for the show (and so appear in the 1966 room of the Gallery), these four photos give a good idea of her fashionable hip look in real life.  A few things worth noticing:

  • In all the shots but the leftmost, she has her Freemasonry pendant tucked discretely into her blouse.

  • Wendy kept her hair in a short mod style in those days.  Other photos of her from the mid-1960s with long, flowing tresses invariably indicate she's wearing a wig in those other shots.

  • The boots she can be seen wearing in the rightmost full-length photo are a pair she wore on at least one television series guest appearance.

  • Unrelated, but still interesting:  note the spirits barrels behind Wendy, showing the prices in pre-decimal British currency ("2/6" means "two shilling and six pence").

Three similar black & white pictures which Wendy said were publicity photos done for Carry On, Girls; however, the caption on the back of the rightmost photo indicates that the pictures were for Carry On, Matron, and that they were probably shot in October of 1971.  Its full caption reads:  "Miss Richad Is Willing -- British actress, Wendy Richard, 23, [sic] takes a break from filming while on location at Ascot, Berkshire.  Wendy plays the part of 'Miss Willing' in a new film in the famous Carry On series.  The film will be called Carry On Matron, and will include Sidney James in the cast."  In 2005, Wendy commented that this pose, which was shot at Pinewoods Studio, was the one "most reproduced in newspapers" at the time.

Wendy Richard leaning against a tree (75k)   Wendy Richard leaning against a tree (68k)   Wendy Richard leaning against a tree (80k)

 (67k) Wendy Richard at her loveliest, circa 2001

A lovely photo of unknown source.  It is probably from around 2000 or 2001, and is definitely from an event where Wendy appeared with EastEnders colleague Letitia Dean (see further down the page).  This is remembered as Wendy's look at the time of your webmeister's meeting with her in the summer of 2000.

A standard publicity shot that appeared in Weekend magazine, in late January of 1989.

Wendy Richard publicity photo, circa 1989 (73k)

 (102k) Wendy Richard presents recipes in TV Quick magazine, 1993d Michael French at London Zoo

This arranged shoot of Wendy with a number of tasty dishes appeared in a March, 1993 issue of TV Quick, though on reading the article, none of the recipes given are hers; she's just there as a celebrity presenter.  But what matter?  Her lovely smile makes the photo well worthwhile.

A photo of Wendy signing photos for fans in The Hague, Netherlands in 1978.  It appeared in Story magazine, in April of that year.  Note that she is wearing a hat that seems to read "Vroom".  This could refer to venerable Dutch retailer Vroom & Dreesmann, though it is unclear whether the chain was still using that name in 1978.

Wendy Richard signing authographs in The Hague, Netherlands, 1978 (91k)

 (99k) Eastender actors Wendy Richard, Bill Treacher, and Michael French at London Zoo

Although all three of these folks were EastEnders actors, they appear here out of character, as publicity for the BBC's seasonal program lineup for the summer of 1994.  To Wendy's right is Michael French, and to her left is Bill Treacher.  Your webmeister recognizes the building in the background.  It stands at the far northeast corner of the London Zoo complex in Regent's Park, London.  It is still the zoo's gift shop, though the sign has changed since 1994.  Also, note the trio seem to be sitting in front of a fountain of sorts; however, that feature is no longer there, but rather is now a collection of shrubs and palm trees.

A couple of images released to mark the 25th wedding anniversary of the fictional couple of Arthur and Pauline Fowler, on EastEnders.  Wendy is shown with actress Susan Tully, who at this time (1990) was still playing the role of Pauline's strong-willed daughter Michelle Fowler.

Wendy Richard and Susan Tully, 1990. (95k)   Wendy Richard and Susan Tully embrace, 1990 (61k)

   (91k) Portrait of a young Wendy, circa early 1977   (49k) Wendy Richard and Molly Sugdon rehearse for the show, probably in early 1977

Two shots that appeared in the Dutch magazine Viva from the summer of 1977.  A charming portrait of Wendy, and what may be a behind-the-scenes photo of Wendy and Molly Sugden during a rehearsal session for Are You Being Served?  An English-language transcript of this above-average interview article is also available.

A duo of photos clearly shot at the same time, in unknown circumstances; from her look, these probably date from the late 1980s.  Wendy's smile is lovely, as always.  Note the right-hand photo is actually signed.

Wendy Richard, circa late 1980s. (112k)   A signed photo of Wendy Richard, circa late 1980s. (70k)

  (80k) Portrait of Wendy Richard in open-necked blouse, circa 1971   (114k) Coy Wendy Richard sitting with hands clasped over knees, wearing knee boots, hot pants, and open-necked blouse, circa 1971

These two posed photos look like they were shot at her mother's B&B.  Despite some evidence suggesting these photos may have originated from a shoot in 1974, it might be that they are from as early as late-1971.  For one thing, Wendy's eye-catching outfit is similar to that in this published photo dating from  late '71.  Also, that covered sofa, wall pattern, and the waterpipes visible in the photo on the right are exactly the same as may be seen in this other photo from an early 1972 magazine article, though Wendy's is wearing different clothes. 

From the Dutch magazine Weekend back in 1987.  An English-language transcript of her article is also available.  Note that this posed snap is surely from the same shoot as this other photo that appeared in a different magazine the same year.

Wendy Richard, elegant and playful on a couch, early 1987. (94k)

 (141k) Glamorous Wendy Richard on the cover of the Sunday mirror magazine, October 1990

Cover girl Wendy!  From the Sunday supplement of the Mirror newspaper, October of 1990.  An improvment over the previous version shown here:  some fold lines and scuff marks have been removed; however, regretably, much wear is still evident.  On the bright side, it was signed by Wendy!  Note that this is from the same shoot as the Radio Times issue of the same year.

In the same Mirror Sunday supplement was this lovely image of Wendy reclining.

Wendy Richard posing in a photo studio; early 1986. (148k)

 (50k) Portrait photo of smiling Wendy Richard, wearing a patterned red blouse, circa mid-1980s.

From an unknown publication.  An attractive portrait of Wendy.  Notice that she is wearing the same red-and-white patterned blouse in which she appears with Mike Berry for her 1986 remake of Come Outside.

Image is of uncertain origin and circumstances, but it is a pleasant photo of a smiling Wendy.  She's sitting in the back seat of a vehicle.  Note she has a pen in her right hand -- clearly Wendy was in an autograph-signing mood.

Wendy Richard sitting in a car, with pen in hand, circa late 1980s. (73k)

 (75k) Wendy Richard, photoshoot portrait, white blouse.  Early 1986.   (69k) Wendy Richard photoshoot portrait, in red blouse.  Early 1986.

Besides the pictures of Wendy that actually appeared in the Aug 1986 issue of Family Circle magazine, the same shooting session yielded these other lovely portrait photos.  Their square shape indicate they were likely shot on 120 (6x6) film.

Also from the Family Circle photoshoot is this full-length shot.  Note the neutral backdrop behind Wendy, and the photographer's hand in the upper left holding a light meter.

Wendy Richard posing in a photo studio; early 1986. (82k)

 (86k) Wendy Richard wearing tiled dress; circa 1966.

Not a high quality photo, but still gives an idea of Wendy's mod look.  From Teen Stars Yearbook; circa 1966.  She is wearing the same dress as in these other snaps.

Wendy at the 2001 Flora charity footrace, as reported by Inside Soap in mid-2002.

Wendy Richard at the 2001 Flora race (82k)

 (45k) Wendy Richard with Cillia Black and Prince Charles at a reception for "The Archers" 50th Anniversary   (57k) Wendy Richard with other attendees of the reception for "The Archers" 50th anniversary at St. James Palace, London.

Wendy was a fan of The Archers, a long-running British radio soap opera.  In January of 2001, she attended a reception honoring the show at St. James Palace in London.  The left photo is of Wendy, the late Cilla Black, and their host Prince Charles; the right photo from the same event shows Wendy, Black, Esther Rantzen, Prince Charles, Nicholas Parsons, and Terry Wogan.  A further stock photo of the event may be found here, which shows Prince Charles greeting Wendy, as Black (center) and Parsons (right) look on.

A trio of what your webmeister considers the best of the many photos of Wendy taken at the British Soap Awards ceremony in late-May of 2007, where she was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  The presentation of the award is available for viewing on YouTube.

  Wendy Richard at the 2007 British Soap Awards, #1 (39k)   Wendy Richard at the 2007 British Soap Awards, #2 (35k)   Wendy Richard at the 2007 British Soap Awards, #3 (79k)

 (78k) Wendy Richard in pink; unknown photoshoot; circa 1987, 1988.

From a formal photoshoot, but that's all that is known about this cute photo of Wendy.  Likely shot around 1987 or 1988, judging from her hairstyle, but it might be from earlier, too.

A really exceptional portrait shot of Wendy that appeared in the first issue of Soap, in 1994.  It accompanied an article about the actress, and hints at her natural joie de vivre.  Pauline Fowler, she most definitely is not!

Wendy Richard, portrait, circa 1994. (147k)

(79k) Wendy Richard during an interview

A rarely seen photo of Ms. Richard. It accompanied an article about her in the Dutch television magazine Veronica in January of 1987. The shot is likely from 1986.  Judging from the microphone visible at the bottom of the picture, it may be from her appearance on Dutch television about that time.

Wendy makes the cover of Weekend in mid-August 1986.  Evidently, takes from this shoot were reused in following years (certainly, 1988 and 1989) for other Wendy-related articles.

Wendy Richard on the cover of Weekend magazine, August 1986 (159k)

 (86k) Wendy Richard displays an elegant presence   (97k) Wendy Richard shows her legs

Also from Weekend, August 1986.  Similar to this and this one.

From the cover of Practical Photography, September, 1962.  Your webmeister is almost certain this is indeed a very young Miss Richard, though the model is uncredited in the magazine.

Wendy Richard, as cover girl, 1962 (84k)

 (25k) Wendy Richard smiling and laughing; unknown date.  (91k) Wendy Richard smiling and laughing; unknown date.

The event and date is unknown, but Wendy seemed very happy in these two photos.  Note in the right-most her Scotty brooch.

A nice photo of a smiling Wendy, in unknown circumstances sometime in 1984.

Wendy Richard smiling, sometime in 1984. (39k)

  (103k) Wendy Richard reclines on a lounger while holding a glass of champagne; circa early 1990s.

A rather handsome posed shot of an elegant Wendy and the glass of champagne she always enjoyed.  The quality of the image is unfortunately poor; it is from an unknown newspaper clipping; possibly dating to the early- or mid-1990s.

Clearly, Wendy is attending a formal affair of some sort -- dinner, awards, or theatre, perhaps . . . -- but the details are not known.  Probably in the 1990s.  However, the image does provide a nice example of Wendy's natural elegance.  Unfortunately, the unknown magazine that included this pic chose to caption it with a snide remark.  When will they learn?

Elegant Wendy Richard at an unknown formal event; circa mid-1990s. (83k)

 (103k) John Inman adjusting Wendy Richard's hair braid, as Sue Pollard looks on.

The event is unknown -- your webmeister would date it to the early 1990s -- but the easy way in which Wendy Richard and John Inman get along is very evident in this snapshot.  British actress Susan ("Su") Pollard looks on as Inman appears to be helping Wendy refasten or reset her hairstyle.

In the town of Bressingham, east of Thetford, in southeast England is a garden and steam museum which invites visitors to explore the world of Dad's Army.  Wendy attended an event in 2003 which was very well-documented.  The image here links to the event's gallery.  Can you find all the photos in which Wendy appears?  (Hint:  there are 16.)

Wendy at a 2003 event in Bressingham, England, celebrating the TV show "Dad's Army" (external site)

 (108k) Wendy Richard with a number of "Coronation Street" actors, in a publicity
				 photo for the 1990 ITV charity telethon.

ITV, an association of regional television production companies in the UK, sponsored a charity telethon for a number of years.  One of them was in May 1990, and here Wendy may be seen in a publicity shot for the event.  With her are a number of other British celebrities of the small screen, most of whom are known for their roles on the popular soap opera Coronation Street.  From left to right: presenter Michael Aspel (archived link); Sally Dynevor (who played Sally Webster); Sue Johnston (who played Gloria Price); Amanda Barrie (who played Alma Baldwin, and incidently also appeared in a seventh season episode of Are You Being Served?); Peter Baldwin (who played Derek Wilton).  The odd spheres covering Dynevor's shirt are probably the blue puffball mascot of the telethon.  (Thanks to Mike and Andy for much of the above info!)

Another of the large number of portrait photos done of Wendy, in late '62 or early '63 (possibly as part of a promotion for Harpers West One), and shot in the breakfast room of her mother's London B&B.  The tatty background was unimportant; it would be removed or closely cropped by a publication prior to using the photo.  Note the metal barstool is the same that Wendy used for other contemporary shots (such as this one), as is the dark velour dress she's wearing.

Wendy Richard sitting on a high stool, wearing a dark velour dress. (105k)

 (74k) Wendy Richard about to step out of a automoble

The magazine Inside Soap had this nice casual shot of Wendy, probably from late 1997.

A much-improved image of a portrait which was used in Titbit magazine, January 1975. Probably shot in 1974.

Wendy Richard looking over her shoulder, wearing a blouse printed with small hearts.  Circa 1974. (94k)

  (53k) Color shot of Susan Tully, Bill Treacher and Wendy Richard with 1986 TRIC Award for "EastEnders"   (113k) Black and white photo of Susan Tully, Bill Treacher and Wendy Richard with 1986 TRIC Award for "EastEnders"
(80k) Wendy Richard enjoying some champagn at the TRIC awards party, mid-1986   (101k) Outdoor portrait of Wendy Richard, April 1986, at the TRIC awards party..

In April 1986, EastEnders won the Television and Radio Industry Club (TRIC) award for BBC Programme of the Year.  This set of four photos show lovely Wendy, along with colleagues Bill Treacher and Susan Tully, at the awards party.

A couple of notes about the photos:  Wendy wears this same outfit in a publicity shot (probably the same year) for her musical release with Mike Berry.  Also, note the whimsical Thomas the Tank Engine bracelet.

A nice -- and very casual -- snap of Wendy out walking a dog (though it's not hers!) in Regent's Park, London.  Exact date of the photo is unknown, but it appeared in the Sunday Mirror Magazine sometime in 1988.

Wendy Richard wearing a track suit and walking someone else's dog in Regent's Park, London. (82k)

  (89k) Wendy Richard, dressed dapperly, in double-breasted suit and tie.

The circumstances of this image are not known.  But it does serve to illustrate clearly Wendy's suit-and-tie fashion preference during the late 1980s and early 1990s.  This is a rare photo which shows her wearing glasses, which Wendy typically kept out of sight.  Later in life, she tended to forego the stark spectacle frames for much softer, unframed lenses.

Wendy, as herself, makes the cover of My Weekly in early 1994.

Wendy Richard on the cover of "My Weekly" magazine, 1994. (104k)

 (129k) Wendy sitting on a stone wall, late 1960s.

What an intriguing shot -- and very rarely seen.  Wendy sits on a stone wall; location unknown.  The photo is undated, but from her appearance, it's probably from the very late 1960s.  Note the flowers in her hair are arranged exactly as in the swimsuit photo that appears in her auto-biography.

Possibly the nicest photo of Wendy from 1966.  This one was shot in mid-May of that year.  It seems likely to have been one of a set; she's wearing the same dress as in this photo.  Also of interest:  note the square-and-compasses pendant Wendy's wearing.  Her late father was a Mason, and it was that organization which helped fund her schooling some years after his passing.

Black-and-white closeup of Wendy Richard, mid-1966 (128k)

 (103k) perturbed Wendy Richard

A black & white publicity shot of Wendy in unknown circumstances from December of 1985.  Notice especially the ring on her third finger!

Again, event unknown, but a very engaging pic of Wendy dated two years later:  26 Feb 1987.  Notice her dress style has already moved to stylish suit and tie.

Black-and-white closeup of Wendy Richard, smiling and outdoors (100k)

 (32k) Wendy Richard modeling a Diane Freis dress, 1992   (20k) Wendy Richard modeling a Frank Usher dress, 1992   (32k) Wendy Richard modeling a Diane Freis dress, 1992

A trio of modeling shots from November, 1992; People magazine.  In the early 1990's, Wendy's taste seemed to turn toward very colorful, flamboyant fashions.

A trio of photos of an elegant Wendy with fellow EastEnders star Letitia Dean at an unknown event. Looks to be perhaps circa 2001.  Wendy's wearing her MBE pin, of course.

Wendy Richard, dressed elegantly in red and black, with colleague Letitia Dean (76k)   Wendy Richard, dressed elegantly in red and black, with colleague Letitia Dean (72k)   Wendy Richard, dressed elegantly in red and black, with colleague Letitia Dean (77k)

 (70k) Wendy Richard in running gear, warming up for Flora race, London, summer 2000.

Another photo of Wendy at the Flora charity race, probably summer of 2000.  Photo appeared in the 6 Aug 00 Sunday supplement of News of the World.

With the late Frankie Vaughan, CBE, a famous singer.  This photo was evidently from a Variety Club dinner in 1998, the year before Vaughan passed away.  Note Wendy's corsage:  it's an interesting combination of Variety Club golden hearts with what appear to be an oak leave and poppy blossom.  If so, this may signify the event occured late in the year, a few weeks before Remembrance Day.

Wendy Richard with singer Frankie Vaughan, sometime in 1998. (120k)

 (152k) Wendy Richard and Maria Whittaker model a "Dolphin Friends" shirt, 1990.

Wendy and model Maria Whittaker show off the shirt from a Dolphin Friends event (sponsored by the EIA, a non-profit environmental research outfit), possibly in 1990.  What's amusing is the way Wendy is draping the shirt across Whittaker's front, playfully concealing the buxom appeal for which Whittaker was rather famous back in the late-1980s.  The two ladies are standing on the open square a few paces northeast of Covent Garden Market in London.  Tuttons restaurant, on Russell Street, is there in the background.

A high-spirited Wendy is caught at an evening event, sometime in late 2002.  Appeared in Inside Soap in October of that year.

Wendy Richard, smiling wearing a stylish, yet casual black outfit (82k)

 (135k) Wendy Richard on the cover of "Woman" magazine, May 1996

Wendy makes another cover appearance, this time for Woman magazine, May 1996.  The photo was probably not shot for that specific issue; it's too much like the studio portrait of hers from two years earlier.  Note Wendy signed this cover page.

A superb pic of Wendy, showing her casual easy-going style.  Circumstances, photographer, and date are unknown, but your webmeister estimates it as late 1980s or very early 1990s.  Note Wendy's Mickey Mouse watch and collection of batrachian hat pins.

Wendy Richard, outdoors, smilling.  Casually dressed:  fFrog T-shirt, big sunhat with frog pins. (180k)

 (135k) Wendy Richard sitting on couch, in article from Australasian Post, Jan 1972 in 1992

A rarely seen photo, possibly from the latter half of 1971.  It appeared in the Australasian Post in early 1972 with a few sentences about Wendy's work and appearance.  The identity of the three "movies lined up" are not entirely clear.  The "secretary" may refer to Gumshoe; the "mother" to Carry On, Matron; but the remaining character role doesn't match to any of the film work Wendy actually did in 1971-72.

Though posed, these photos still come across as more mischievous than most of Wendy's.  The left one is from Woman mag, early 1989; the right-hand snap appeared in Woman's Journal in late-1988 -- therefore dating the shots to at least that year.

Wendy Richard, in the bath, holding a towel and smiling (38k)   Wendy Richard, still in the bath, holding a towel and smiling (84k)

 (127k) Wendy Richard's hand, holding cigarette, circa 1962   (127k) Wendy Richard and Mike Sarne, about 1962

A publicity photo (right pic) from around 1962-63 of Wendy with Mike Sarne.  The setting appears to be at a counter in an unidentified office building.  Wendy's smile is lovely, but just as interesting is what she has in her right hand (left pic): evidently, she'd already started smoking by this time.  Also, note the ribbon in Wendy's hair, which may be seen in other photos from about the same time.

Cover of My Weekly magazine, September of 1995.

Wendy Richard on the cover of "My Weekly", September 1995 (179k)

 (119k) Wendy Richard casting photo, circa 1977-1979

A personal photo that appeared as Wendy's Spotlight casting directory reference shot in 1979, which means it's likely from a year or two earlier (though almost certainly no earlier than 1977).

From People magazine, Nov '92, with Wendy showing off her Grace and Favour look.

 Magazine cover, with close-up portrait of Wendy Richard in 1992 (119k)

 (127k) Wendy Richard in 1992

A fine shot by David Gadd from mid-December of 1992, not long after Wendy changed her hairstyle to a shorter, lighter look.  This particular photo was hand-signed (though not personalized) by Wendy.  Note the very unorthodox (for Wendy) signing angle -- clearly so she could keep the writing on the light-colored blouse.
The picture accompanied a so-so EastEnders-related article on the MegaStar online news site around September of 1997.

Wendy on the cover as sweater-girl; Weekend magazine, July 1988.  Clearly, an appealing picture, since a similar shot from the same session was used on  Celebrity's March, 1988 cover as well.

Wendy Richard on cover of 'Weekend' magazine, mid-1988 (158k)

 (152k) Wendy Richard - sweater girl, "Weekend", mid-1986.

Interestingly, that sweater session appears to have occured two whole years earlier, since this shot here accompanied a fashion article in Weekend in May 1986.

Wendy in a nice casual outfit, about 1983, as she appeared in Weekend magazine late in the year.

Close-up of Wendy Richard, circa 1983, wearing a blue jumpsuit. (72k)

(71k) Wendy Richard dressed in a leotard, sitting on stool, circa 1963   (169k) original photo of Wendy Richard dressed in a leotard, sitting on stool, circa 1963   

Left:  a rarely-seen modeling pic of Wendy, from The View magazine, January 1963.  Right:  the original full-sized photograph -- one of a series of modeling photos from that year shot in the breakfast room of her mother's B&B near King's Cross, London. 

A couple of posed shots of Wendy, circa 1963; they're almost certainly from the same session, judging from her appearance.  In the leftmost photo, she appears to be wearing a dark velour or velvet dress.

Close-up of Wendy Richard, circa 1963, wearing a velvet or velour dress (61k)   Wendy Richard sitting on a table, wearing a sleeveless dress (95k)

  (86k) Wendy Richard makes cover girl for Sunday Mirror mag, in a red outfit, early 1989

Wendy in red makes the cover of the Sunday Mirror Magazine, in January 1989 . . .

. . . as well as appearing in a fashion piece therein.  The article itself may be seen here.

Wendy Richard poses in a red tunic and black fedora (83k)

  (77k) A black and white close-up photo of a smiling Wendy Richard, circa 1984

Wendy's 1985 Spotlight photo, shot by Tommy Candler the previous year.  It's pretty certainly from the same session as this publicity card as well as this shot.

Wendy in the garden of her London flat near Montagu Square, circa 1989, though this appeared in a 1993 issue of TV First.  Definitely from the same shoot as this other photo.  Note the frog-shaped planter.

Wendy Richard, about 1989, in her apartment garden, Marylebone, London (161k)

  (88k) A black and white photo of a happy Wendy Richard, no later than 1982

A lovely pic from TV Scene, July 1982; though the photo itself seems quite likely to be from a few years earlier.

A very rare early photo of Wendy; this example is inscribed to a fan.  Judging from her sundress, this is also from her 1974 Hampstead Heath publicity shoot.

Wendy Richard in 1974, sitting on a guardrail in a north London park (149k)

(65k) A black and white photo of a happy Wendy Richard, about 1981.

A lovely candid shot of Wendy, age 37, that appeared in Titbits in Feb '81.

Wendy warming up. She is at the Flora charity footrace in London, mid-2000.  I don't think she actually ran this year (in contrast to her full participation in 1999).  Note the VIP badge on shirt.

Wendy Richard doing outdoor warm-up exercises for Flora charity foot race, mid-2000 (68k)

 (68k) Wendy Richard:  casual; elegant, relaxed.   (86k) Wendy Richard   (98k) Wendy Richard

 A trio of excellent photos from a session in mid- to late-2000; these have appeared in a variety of TV magazines.  Your webmaster considers the leftmost shot perhaps the finest of Wendy's photos.

A pic of Ms. Richard (with little Shirley) used in Candis magazine, 2001. Wendy said it was part of a fashion shoot she did in 1996.  Interestingly, this particular photo appears to have been mirror-reversed when published.

Wendy Richard, in blue dress, sitting on a yellow sofa (37k)

 (82k) black and white photo, 1965; close up of Wendy Richard with slight scowl.

A very early photo from 1965, shot by photographer Hilary Bedford.  Wendy only recalled it as possibly being from a series by women photographers.  It was certainly used as her professional portrait in 1965 and in 1968 for The Spotlight (page 2418); it might have appeared in another photo magazine as well.

From her appearance and dress, this is another shot from the 1974 Hampstead Heath session. This appeared in the program printed for the Are You Being Served? play, as well as being her portrait in Spotlight for 1977.

Wendy Richard in the mid-1970s (80k)

 (60k) Wendy Richard, circa 1989, arriving at a stylish evening event   (48k) Wendy Richard, circa 1989, arriving at a stylish evening event   (54k) Wendy Richard, circa 1989, arriving at a stylish evening event

A photo trio show Wendy arriving for a night event; she seems to be looking up at lights.  This was likely in London; note soon-to-be husband Paul Glorney exiting the cab behind her in the right-hand image.  The leftmost pic was in Sunday magazine, Nov '89; the other two were shot by a fan at the event.

Wendy shows herself off in a delightful studio shot, associated with an article in Weekend World, Jan. '92.

Wendy Richard shows off in jewelry and an evening dress, early 1991. (93k)

 (64k) Wendy Richard, dressed in black, reclining on a red couch    (47k) Wendy Richard, dressed in black, sitting on the arm of a red couch

Both of these may have been shot for EM>Women's Weekly magazine; the right-hand image certainly appeared in the Dec 2001 issue.

A marvelous evening shot of Wendy from a signed photo, possibly from around 1980.

Wendy Richard in a low-cut sequined dress, circa 1980 (58k)

(18k) Wendy Richard embracing a greyhound, circa 1998.

Time Out, 1998. Ms. Richard and friend.

Cover of Celebrity, March, 1988.

Wendy Richard, on the cover of 'Celebrity' magazine, March 1988 (99k)

(51k) Elegant Wendy Richard holding champagne flute

A greatly improved re-post of Wendy's elegant pose that appeared in Celebrity magazine, March, 1988.

Cover of Family Circle, mid-1986.

Wendy Richard, on the cover of 'Family Circle' magazine, August 1986 (99k)

(63k) Wendy Richard modeling a dress which she designed, 'Family Circle' magazine, 
				August 1986    (64k) Wendy Richard, smiling, wearing a white fedora, 'Family Circle' magazine, 
				August 1986

From em>Family Circle magazine, mid-1986.  Note that Wendy is credited for designing this stylish outfit herself.

Two portraits clearly from the same sitting; the left appeared in Woman, Aug 87; the right in Celebrity

Wendy Richard, dressed in jeans and a blue sweatshirt, sits surrounded by her frog
				 collection (67k)   Wendy Richard, dressed in jeans and a blue sweatshirt, sits surrounded by her frog
				 collection (50k)

(75k) Elegant Wendy Richard lounging at home

A modest snap of Wendy at home in her apartment in the late 1980s (from Celebrity, 1988).

Possibly a publicity photo for Grace & Favour, this delightful off-set shot from December of 1991 shows Wendy with lovely Fleur Bennett (archived link).

Wendy Richard holds hands with Fleur Bennett, late 1991. (72k)

(85k) Wendy Richard posing with second husband Will Thorpe, mid-1980.   (132k) Wendy Richard and Will Thorpe, after their wedding, 1980

Two portraits of Wendy with her 2nd husband, Will Thorpe.  The left shot may be from June 1980, the month before they married; the right pic is obviously from their wedding on 21 July 1980.  They appear to be emrging from the old Marylebone Town Hall.

From Weekend, May '77.  Shot under the threat of rain, on the grounds of Haarzuilens Castle, Holland.

Wendy Richard, leaning against a tree at a castle in Holland, 1977 (94k)   Close-up of Wendy Richard, smiling with flower bouquet, Holland, 1977 (57k)

 (39k) Wendy Richard with a Rolls-Royce, Holland, 1977   (58k) Wendy Richard, sitting on a well, Holland, 1977

Also Weekend, May '77; Haarzuilens, Holland.   Translation of accompanying article is here.

The Daily Mail of Sep '02 offered these pix, though sadly they accompanied an article on the reoccurrence of her illness.

Wendy Richard in 2002. (87k)   Wendy Richard, in 2002. (65k)

(38k) Wendy Richard portrait

An exceptionally fine photo, probably from 2000, that appeared in a Feb 2002 issue of Women's Own magazine.

From Titbits

Wendy Richard, showing off a table full of ceremic frogs, about 1979 (50k)   Close-up of Wendy Richard, displaying two frog figurines, about 1979 (44k)

 (57k) Wendy Richard, with hand in hair, 1970 portfolio photo

This moody shot from 1970 was part of Wendy's portfolio at the time; it also appeared in the Spotlight casting book for both '70 and '71.  It is credited to Michael Barrington-Martin, a photographer Wendy worked with many times in the Sixties and Seventies.

An absolutely vibrant portrait of the lady, and, interestingly, she's wearing a lei.  On a cruise, perhaps?  Source unknown, but from May, 1998.

Smiling Wendy Richard, wearing a flower lei, circa mid-1998 (87k)

(205k) Wendy Richard on a play swing, Argyll Square, London, circa 1973

Like many early photos of Wendy, this 1973 pic was shot in the vicinity of her mother's B&B near King's Cross, London.  Your webmeister recognizes the location here as the northeast end of Argyle Square, a block over from their hotel.

This photo appeared in Hello magazine in February of 2000; it was shot the month before at a charity ball that Wendy attended.

 Wendy Richard portrait (23k)

 (39k) Portrait of smiling Wendy Richard, circa 2002.

A lovely close up, in unknown circumstances, probably sometime during 2002.

The Dutch mag Weekend, from 1996 offers this delightful pose.  Note the necktie; Wendy was rather known at the time for this fashion statement.

Wendy Richard in a suit and tie, smiling for the camera, circa 1996 (86k)

(103k) Wendy Richard in jeans and gloves working in her garden, circa 1990.

Off-duty Wendy in her garden (Sunday Mirror Mag, 1991).

From Inside Soap, 1996, Wendy shows off her Variety Club hearts.

Wendy Richard in a dark suit, wearing golden heart brooch pins (54k)

(38k) Wendy Richard wearing a ball cap and puffing on a cigarette holder, circa 1978.

A very casual photo of Wendy (Story, 1978).  That's a cigarette holder she's drawing on.

And another comely photo from the famous 1996 session.  This one appeared in the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine, July, 1999.

Wendy Richard sitting cross-legged on floor, from 1996 fashion shoot, 
				cover of 'Woman' magazine, 1997 (39k)

(108k) Wendy Richard at home, circa late 1979 Wendy Richard, probably at home in late 1979

A relaxed and reclining Wendy, possibly shot at her home.  The left image is from Titbits, February of 1981; the right image is from the Dutch magazine Mix in early 1980.

Wendy, showing her natural elegance and playfulness, in the News of the World Sunday from April, 1992.

Wendy Richard dressed up (80k)

 (87k) Wendy Richard, dressed in a white suit, on the cover of NOTW Sunday.

She also made the cover of the magazine . . .

Doesn't Wendy just glow in these photos from her 1996 fashion shoot?  Both of these pictures appeared in Woman, March '97.

Wendy Richard sitting cross-legged on floor, from 1996 fashion shoot, 
				cover of 'Woman' magazine, 1997 (94k)   Another photo of Wendy Richard from 1996 photo shoot (102k)

  (72k) Wendy Richard sits face-on, on top of a couch, wearing only a long shirt   (44k) Wendy Richard sits sideways on top of a couch, wearing only a long shirt

From a shoot in 1972, possibly early in the year as publicity for her comedy series Both Ends Meet.

A lovely photo from mid- to late-2008 shows Wendy could still turn on the charm, despite the increasing severity of her illness.

Wendy Richard smiling (49k)

(92k) Wendy Richard, dressed elegantly in white blouse, pearls, and black blazer

This exceptionally fine portrait appeared in People's TV guide in Feb '95.

This similar shot appeared in People's TV guide a year earlier, although your webmeister would not rule out the possibility both photos originated from the same shoot.  One thing is for sure:  this image has been reversed in publication -- Wendy's rings do not appear on the correct hands.

Wendy Richard in gold and black jacket and black slacks and high heels (142k)

 (74k) Wendy Richard, circa 1967, in office blouse and skirt, with long blonde wig

This appeared in Inside Soap, Nov '06, but of course is Wendy circa 1967.  It's probably from the same session as this other photo.

 Wendy at the ball.  From OK magazine, Dec '98.

Wendy Richard, smiling and wearing a red evening dress, at the Water Rats 
				  charitable ball, November, 1998. (33k)

 (52k) Wendy Richard, on the cover of 'Annabel' magazine, September 1986

Cover of Annabel, mid-1986.

Included in Annabel magazine, mid-1986.  This is probably from the same photo session as this pix.

Wendy Richard, in elegant blue outfit, 'Annabel' magazine, September 1986 (63k)

(75k) Wendy Richard with honors

This shot, from her Investiture in late-Nov 00 is one of the finest of her recent photos. It was a very happy day for her and it clearly shows! This particular photo, I think, appeared in Hello.

Wendy and her soon-to-be husband Will Thorpe (not shown) from March 1977 Weekend magazine.

Wendy Richard in 1977, at ease with boyfriend Will Thorpe (56k)

(23k) Wendy Richard on a merry-go-round in Florida; early 2004

From Inside Soap, this delightfully casual picture of Wendy in Florida was probably shot very early in 2004.

A couple of very elegant images of Wendy, circa early 1991, with EastEnders co-star Bill Treacher.  We can be sure these are not character shots: Wendy said that this particular dress is her own

Wendy Richard and Bill Treacher in a formal portrait (39k)   Wendy Richard, formally attired (53k)

  (91k) Glamorous Wendy Richard

An exceptionally nice glamour pose, from Weekend magazine, May 1989.

Wendy in early 1990, from Woman's Own, looking about as unlike Pauline Fowler as it's possible to.

Wendy Richard swept off her feet, circa 1990 (58k)

 (50k) Elegant Wendy Richard, post-EastEnders, with furry friend, circa early 2007.

An excellent recent photo of Wendy and friend, possibly early 2007.

Wendy, also from the 1990 issue of Woman's Own, in a more formal pose than the one above.

Wendy Richard, elegantly dressed and styled, 
				circa early 1990 (66k)

(57k) Wendy Richard, out on the town, circa 1998

From the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine in 1999, a very good pic of casually elegant Wendy, possibly in 1998.

This halftone photo, from an 1986 issue of Truth TV Guide isn't even newspaper-quality; nevertheless, it suffices to show Wendy's look during the mid-1970s -- she wore a similar revealing denim vest in an episode of Hogg's Back in 1975 and again in 1977's Are You Being Served? feature movie.

Wendy Richard, circa early 1980s. (17k)

(44k) Wendy Richard and prize-winning canine friend

From Heat magazine, February 2000. This was one of a sequence of five, but is definitely the best of the bunch.

A delightful portrait that appeared in a 1990 issue of Bella magazine.  The photo was likely shot a few years earlier; I'd guess '87 or '88.

Wendy Richard (53k)

 (37k) Wendy Richard, in blue jacket, autograph pad in hand, at British Soap 
				  Awards in 2002.

A shot from the British Soap Awards event in May of 2002 illustrates excellently Wendy's look of the early-2000s.  Note the autograph pad in hand, MBE pin on the left jacket breast, and glimpse of the Union Jack handbag below her right arm.

A nice shot of Wendy, which accompanied a 1997 Radio Times article about her. The photo itself is from 1996, since it is from the same shoot as this card which she used to distribute.

Wendy Richard portrait (26k)

(60k) Wendy Richard, lounging on a sofa, early 1987

A rather upbeat Wendy from early 1987, in Woman's Own magazine.

A fine portrait that appeared in TV Times magazine, early-1992.

Wendy Richard wearing blue, smiling, with upswept hair (33k)

(88k) Wendy Richard and her Pierre Cardin handbag, 1986

Wendy and the contents of her handbag, as they appeared in Woman's Own magazine, mid-1986.  Yes, that's a banana.

The gentleman is the late John Inman of Are You Being Served? renown. Note the autographed picture behind Wendy's right shoulder -- it's of Barbara Windsor, also of EastEnders.
  I've been told this is from Woman's Own in early 1998; if so, it definitely first appeared in Woman's Weekly in late 1997.

Wendy Richard and John Inman (59k)

(41k) Wendy Richard in a photo from 1967

A very rarely-seen shot of Wendy, evidently from 1967.  The delicate and attractive qualities of her features are brought out nicely in this photo;  though, to be sure, she's almost certainly wearing a blonde wig.  From TV Times, August of 2006.

Also from Home and Ideas, 1997. And there's Shirley, sitting at Wendy's feet.

Wendy Richard sitting in her living room (18k)

(40k) Wendy Richard, dressed in a brown tracksuit, sitting on the sofa in her flat, 
				  circa 1989.

Another look at Wendy at home, also from Woman, March, 1989.

A delightful candid shot, probably from early 2006, published by Inside Soap in July of the same year (hence the overlaid commentary).

Wendy Richard, in a portrait shot, with short hair, smiling, 
				wearing a long brocaded mantle. (31k)

(56k) Wendy Richard in a photo from early 1970s

A rarely seen glamour photo, probably from the mid-to-late 1970s.  This appeared in the Daily Express in July of 2006.

Another publicity photo of Wendy, likely from the same 1966 session as the others (below), since it's also set in the front room of her mother's house.  Note the rather heavy makeup and the absence of the blonde wig; nevertheless, the casual and easy feeling conveyed by this shot make it perhaps the most attractive of Wendy's early publicity pieces.

Wendy Richard, with short hair and wearing a sleeveless blue dress, 
				sits cross-legged and looking over her right shoulder toward the camera. (26k)

(132k) Wendy dressed in a purple dress and wearing a long blonde wig, 
				reclining on a settee Wendy Richard, wearing a long wig, wearing a purple dress, sitting on a barstool

Two related publicity portraits of Wendy, also shot in the front room/parlor of her mother's London B&B, probably in late 1966.  In both, she's wearing a long blonde wig; but of more interest may be that often -- if not always -- when the color shot is used within a media article, it's incorrectly displayed left-to-right reversed.  The image shown here is its true and proper appearance.

Two casual publicity shots.  The left is certainly from mid-1966; the right may be a little later.  The setting of the two looks similar for good reason:  both were shot before the same front room window of Wendy's mother's home in London.

Wendy Richard reclining on a table (48k)   Wendy Richard reclining again (39k)

(32k) dainty Wendy Richard

Wendy identified this as one of her first modeling photos, from drama school when she was 17, which would be circa 1960-61.  The picture appears in the AYBS? 25th Anniversary book and in her auto-biography, where she identified the photographer as being Michael Barrington-Martin, who also shot this cover photo of Wendy.

Wendy and part of her frog collection.  My Weekly, July 1989

Wendy Richard and her collection of amphibians (65k)

(68k) Wendy Richard, as cover girl, 1989

From the cover of My Weekly, July, 1989.

Another photo from My Weekly, July 1989

Wendy Richard poses (58k)

(46k) Wendy Richard, with polka dot dress and wind-blown hair

An attractive, casual shot that appeared in an April, 1992 issue of My Weekly.

Radio Times, October, 1985, shows Wendy and Bill Treacher as they truly appeared, off the set of EastEnders

Bill Treacher and Wendy Richard, off the set (58k)

(43k) Wendy Richard, with short hair and T-shirt

A very casual portrait, from the Daily Express, also from October, 1985.

Yours, 2002, shows off this shot from a session Wendy did in 1996.  (Can you find the other six similar photos on this page?)

Wendy Richard and little Shirley, circa late-1990s (62k)

(6k) candid street shot of Wendy Richard

I'm told that this is a 'thumbnail' shown on the Mirror (a British newspaper) on-line site, and that it is dated as 28 May 98.

In Woman's Realm, 1983, Wendy shows off her frog collection.

Wendy Richard holding large ceramic frog (56k)

(65k) Wendy Richard, possibly circa 1985

A straightforward casual portrait, as used by a 1986 issue of Celebrity magazine.

Yet another thumbnail of an image available at the Mirror on-line site. I'm told this was dated as May of 1992, and is of Ms. Richard and Bill Treacher ('Arthur' on EastEnders). She appears to be made-up as Pauline, so perhaps this should more properly belong to the 'Roles' Gallery. . .

Wendy Richard and Bill Treacher (10k)

(86k) Wendy Richard, dressed to the nines, with a glass of champagne, 1988

A study in elegance, this appeared in the July 1988 issue of Weekend magazine.

A superb full-length photo of Wendy from the same  Weekend magazine, 1988, showing off her classic figure.

Wendy Richard, as elegance personified, 1988 (68k)

(40k) Close-up, Wendy Richard, late 1980s

A photo that accompanied a May, 1990 article in Soap Opera Weekly magazine.

A nice full-length portrait shot from the same issue of  Soap Opera Weekly.

Wendy Richard, from late-80s portrait shoot (96k)

(64k) Wendy Richard at the moustache club, London, 1986

A delightful shot of Wendy, from Just Seventeen magazine, Dec 86.  Although the caption doesn't say so, I suspect she is at the 'Windsor Castle' pub in London, in the company of the distinguished membership of the Handlebar Club of London.

This pic of a relaxed and casual Wendy on the beach accompanied an article in Bella magazine, Jul 93 (though the photo itself was probably shot in 1990).  The gent in the picture is actor Peter Dean.

Wendy Richard getting a lift on the beach, 1990 (64k)

(92k) Wendy Richard exuberant

A wonderfully candid photo of an exuberant Wendy, from the pages of Eva magazine; probably shot in mid-1996.  The design of her blouse is likely no accident; note the golden Variety Club heart pin on her lapel.

This photo from Who Weekly is Wendy doing some modeling during the annual London Fashion Week in 1998.

Wendy Richard modelling millinery (61k)

(32k) Wendy Richard in 1998 with Sir Cliff and Elaine Paige.

Don't know much about this photo, other than it was tag-lined as from a Christmas party in London in December of 1998.  The second lady with Wendy and Sir Cliff is Elaine Paige.

From Woman's Realm magazine, a casual pose from a shoot in 1984.

Causual Wendy Richard (31k)

(37k) Wendy Richard circa 1990

Excerpt from a photo featured in the book Secret Lives.  Probably shot about 1990.  (Thumbnail not appearing?)

From Inside Soap magazine (1999), Wendy at the Flora Light Woman's Challenge footrace in London -- probably around August of that year.  This is an annual charity event which she also did in 2000 and 2001.

Wendy Richard dressed to compete (23k)

(71k) Wendy Richard serving tea to a guest

A shot used in a Feb 72 issue of TV Times purports to show Wendy working at her mother's B&B in London.  She commented to your webmeister that this was a photo done to publicize her then-new series Both Ends Meet.

A lovely and playful image, the fourth I've seen from the session Wendy did back in 1996.  There are three others from the same shoot included further below. This particular example is unusual, in that it is a signed digital print.

Wendy Richard and Shirley, nose-to-nose (79k)

(57k) Wendy Richard seated

A mirror image of this photo was used in Candis magazine, but the image here is the true and correct appearance.  It's from the same shoot as this more well-known photo.

A relatively recent modeling photo, as appeared in  Weekend magazine, 1987.

Wendy Richard modeling a blue knit vest (69k)

(57k) Wendy Richard wearing blue sweater, from 'Story' magazine, 1986

From a May 1986 article in Story magazine.

Accompanied a short article in a 1992 issue of TV Times. Probably from the same mid-1980s photo shoot as this card.

Wendy Richard sitting on a chair (41k)

(41k) Lucy Benjamin and Wendy Richard at a Variety Club Event in 2002

Wendy at a Variety Club luncheon honoring her in October, 2002, London.  The other lady is actress Lucy Benjamin.

Portrait from Inside Soap probably shot in early or mid-1996.

Portrait of Wendy Richard, circa 1996 (66k)

(64k) Posed photo of John Inman and Wendy Richard, from 'Woman' magazine, 1992

This photo, which appeared in Woman magazine in 1992, shows Wendy with fellow actor John Inman. This shot actually matches quite closely her look in the series Grace And Favour.

A nice portrait from Dutch magazine Weekend in March 1996. (I would guess though that the shot may actually be from a few years earlier.)

Portrait of Wendy Richard, mid-Nineteen-Ninties (63k)

(46k) Wendy Richard on the cover of 'Tros Compas' magazine

One of a pair of photos from a Dutch TV listings magazine Tros Compas in March 1981.

This shot illustrates Wendy's look about the time of her work on Grace and Favour (mid-1992). (Webmeister's note: frumpy Pauline? I think not!)

Wendy Richard holding figurines, 1992 (53k)

(6k) stylish Wendy Richard in red

Another thumbnail on the Mirror (a British newspaper) on-line site, this is a posed (and rather glamorous) studio shot of Ms. Richard in April of 1989.

Possibly the finest of Wendy's early glamour pix, this photo was probably shot in the late-1970s. It appeared in the Dutch celebrity magazine Prive in January, 1981.

Wendy Richard wearing blue denim blouse, about 1981 (53k)

(44k) Wendy Richard, wearing royal blue, reclining on a yellow couch

This fine reclining portrait from 1996 also appeared in Candis magazine in 2001.

Victory shot from British Soap Awards, from Hello! in 2001. In most EE full-cast publicity photos, Wendy is nearly always in the center in the group, as befitted her pivotal, central role in the series. It seems fitting that in this impromptu gathering, she reprises that position.

Wendy Richard at 2001 soap awards with EE cast (45k)

(33k) Elegant Wendy Richard holding a cat, circa 1986

A photo of subtle elegance, from a My Weekly article of July 1987. Note that it's probably from the same photo session as this card.

Yet another picture to emerge from the epic 1996 fashion shoot. This particular one appeared in a newspaper, which is the reason the definition is not all that sharp.

Wendy Richard, sitting cross-legged, leaning on a wicker chair (17k)

(44k) Wendy Richard holding flowers in late 2000

Wendy, from Hello magazine, late 2000.

Another appealing, but rarely seen stock shot of Wendy from her 1970s heyday.

smiling Wendy Richard, face in hands (73k)

(14k) Wendy Richard standing on a spiral staircase

Home and Ideas magazine, 1997. Wendy on her staircase at home.

A Radio Times issue from late 1990 trumpeted this very glamorous photo. It accompanied a two-page interview with Wendy about her career.

Wendy Richard on the cover of 'Radio Times', 1990 (82k)

(41k) Wendy Richard, in January of 1999

A delightful candid shot from a Variety Club luncheon that Wendy attended around early 1999, from OK! magazine.  Her brooch she's pointing to appears to be a cluster of gold hearts, which is of course one of the symbols of the charity.

Wendy, wearing a ribbed-pattern sweater, in a press photo taken outside on the street around 1972, when she seemed to be doing most of her work for the London Weekend television production company.

black and white shot of Wendy Richard smiling (92k)

(40k) Wendy Richard portrait from 1962

A lovely portrait of Wendy (she was 19 at the time) which accompanied a TV Times article from October, 1962.  Wendy recalled this as having been shot especially for her portfolio.

This fine photo first showed up in Hello magazine and documents Wendy's attendance of the Chelsea Flower Show on or about 25 May 1999. (It has been used since then as a stock photo, most recently by the Daily Express on 5 Sep 02.)

Wendy Richard with flowers (42k)

(23k) Wendy Richard shaking hands with Shirley

I initially thought this was a one-off studio photo, but Wendy said it is from that fashion shoot in 1996 she did which also resulted in this one and this one.
Thanks to Clyde for finding this for us!

This photo appeared with a May 1993 Clement Freud article in Radio Times magazine. Wendy told me that this was taken in 1989, on the patio of her residence at the time.

Wendy Richard around 1993 (75k)

(33k) Wendy Richard portrait

An image which appeared in a Dutch magazine, in late 1978. Wendy indicates it was a BBC publicity photo for Are You Being Served?

This image appears on the Gallery page within the now-defunct website of British professional toastmaster Robert Gee (archived link).  The occasion and circumstances of the photo are unknown, though Wendy is clearly in formal dress, and the website mentions Browston Hall (Greater Yarmouth, Norfolk). The photo dates from 2001 or earlier.

Wendy Richard with Robert Gee  (external site)

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