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Her Cards

Like many actors, Wendy distributed freely over the years a variety of publicity photos, usually printed on sturdy card stock.  Some were provided to her by her employers (such as the BBC), though others were certainly of Wendy's own design and commission.  This gallery recalls those cards, which show Ms. Richard at her public finest.

At least eighteen different card designs are known to exist and, like coin of the realm, the portraits on the cards evolve over the years, showing Wendy's graceful transition from youthful beauty to mature lady.  The cards are roughly 6in x 4in (150mm x 104mm), though the examples earlier than about 1992 tend to be non-uniform in size and often of lighter stock, even occasionally regular photographic print paper, as with the top right pic.

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa early-1964

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 1975

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 1983

New data This charming photo (along with a handwritten letter) was sent to a fan, probably in early 1964.  It's larger than most:  6.5in x 4.5in.  Signed in green ballpoint ink.

The previous owner of this quite attractive card said that Wendy sent it to him in 1980. Wendy told me it was a publicity photo from 1974 of her on Hampstead Heath (a large park on the north side of London).

This is an early 1980s publicity photo that Wendy said she used as a "fan card".  A rather moody composition, I think.

Wendy Richard publicity card from 1984s


Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 1985

This picture originated from a shoot Wendy did in 1984.  Her Spotlight (industry casting book) photo for 1985 is very similar.  Unusually, the picture here seems to show signs of retouching - possibly to remove the wrinkles beneath Wendy's eyes.


First BBC publicity card as Pauline Fowler; probably from early 1985.  It demonstrates nicely the mature look that Wendy was striving for.

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 1986

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 1984

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 1991

Her next EastEnders card, likely from 1986.

An autographed b/w card of a very handsome Wendy.  Evidently shot in 1986, this photo was in her portfolio and used for her Spotlight entries from 1986 through 1992.

A BBC card for Wendy's reprise role of Shirley Brahms.  Note that Miss Brahms never actually wore this eye-catching outfit in any of the aired episodes; it was in fact Wendy's own dress.

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 1992

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 1993

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 1994

A handsome, and rarely seen, personal card.  She also used a black-and-white version of this photo for her Spotlight entry in 1993. 

A photo that Wendy used after cutting her hair again.  It was shot during a studio session in 1994, and was included in Spotlight from at least 1994 - 1996.

One of the most recognizable images of Wendy, it offers the quintessential Pauline look.

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 1996

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 1995

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 1999

 Your webmeister's hands-down favorite studio photo of Wendy (do you believe she was 53 years old?).  She said it was from the same 1996 fashion shoot as this other photo.

Fan card dating from 1997.  Also used in Spotlight for 1998 and 1999.  This shot re-appeared in the 2004 and 2006 editions, which seems unusual; Wendy's appearance had changed markedly in the intevening eight years.

This somewhat stern image was Wendy's BBC EastEnders publicity card for 1999.  She remarked to me that her character appears so unusually stylish here because she was asked to shoot it on short notice while simply visiting the Elstree set that morning.  She also appears attired like this in an all-cast photo done that same day.

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 2000

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 2001

Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 2006

Similar to the picture that used to grace her personal web site's homepage. Wendy was having a bit of fun with this, likely during a session in February of 2000.  Also used in the 2002 edition of Spotlight.

This photo offers a warm, homey feeling, and captures perfectly (much better than the 2000 card) the Wendy we know.  She told me that it was shot in Brighton in 2001.

Wendy's final BBC card dates from around 2004 (though it may be as late as 2006, judging from her hairstyle).


Wendy Richard publicity card, circa 2006



Her personal publicity card, probably from 2006.


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