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The latest "What's New" Page
30 Jun 05  
22 May 05  
23 Apr 05  
13 Mar 05  
  • Recent article added to Print page.
  • Alter word search #2 to provide clues, and add new word search #3!
  • Reprocessed the Up Pompeii montage in the 1970 room of the Gallery.  Color balance, clarity, and size are much improved!
  • Reprocessed the montage of interview images from Wendy's A Life On The Box interview, in the 2001 room of the Gallery.
  • Added a few images from her 2003 PBS interview in Houston.
  • Redid the Harpers West One image in the 1962 room of the Gallery.
  • Added a few newer, clearer images for Dad's Army to the 1970, 1972, and  1973 rooms of the Gallery.
  • Corrected typo in one of the write-ups in the Herself wing of the Gallery.
3 Mar 05  
  • Belated mention of Wendy's new co-star, as seen on her official website.
  • A new 2005 print article.
  • New comments added to three existing photos in the Herself wing of the Gallery (photos moved to top of stack).
  • Tweak to an existing Charity activity.
1 Jan 05

5 Dec 04

21 Nov 04
  • Add montage images for Grace and Favour in the 1991 and 1992 rooms of the Gallery.
  • Re-processed images for Are You Being Served? in the 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1983, and 1984 rooms of the Gallery.
  • Also fixed or replaced some (but not all) GIF thumbnail images that appear broken in recent Mozilla browser versions.

4 Nov 04
  • Bring the Current page up to date.
  • Improve some of the Grace and Favour images in the 1991 room of the Gallery.

26 Sep 04
  • Add a large photo montage from Wendy's 2002 appearance on The Kumars at Number 42 to the 2000 room of the Gallery.
  • Add a trio of montages of Pauline Fowler to the 1998, 1999, and 2000 rooms of the Gallery.
  • Note two articles: some wonderful coverage in My Weekly magazine, September, 2004; and a brief sidebar in an October 1997 edition of What's on TV magazine
  • A large image added to the 1987 room of the Gallery, from the EE wall calendar for that year.
  • Added image of cover of 1992 Radio Times to the 1991 room of the Gallery.
  • Add translation of a 1986 Dutch magazine article, and related photo to the Herself Gallery.
  • Holding back from listening to the sound bites because you mistrust Real? (You know who you are. . . ) Fear not, a free alternative to Real Player, called, well, Real Alternative, is available, and I've added a link to same.
  • Archived older entries from the "What's New" page here.

29 Aug 04

20 Jun 04

16 May 04

2 Apr 04
  • Fill in the details about her excellent interview on My Favorite Hymns early this year.
  • Finally, revamped the Carry On Again, Christmas write-up with full details as well as a new image montage in the 1970 room of the Gallery.
  • A neat factoid added for the DangerMan image in the 1964 room of the Gallery.
  • Note a couple of publications from 1981 and 1992 with Wendy articles, and rarely-seen photos added to the Herself Gallery.
  • Briefly note her guest spot on the So Graham Norton show last year (I'm still trying to get details of that appearance).

12 Jan 04
  • Note on charity page that Wendy's picture is on the January page of the new PDSA calendar.
  • Add write-up about her work in Legal, Decent, Honest & Truthful. Also, add audio clips from that radio show.
  • Improved, expanded info on her appearance in Danger Man. Updated write-up; much better images. Also moved images from 1965 to the 1964 room of the Gallery, and added a couple of short audio clips.
  • Briefly note Wendy's recent appearance in two 2003 Christmas season shows: The Joy of Christmas on BBC1 and My Favorite Hymns on ITV. (Details to follow later, I hope.)
  • Add a few more print media mentions to the Articles page, and related image to the 1987 room of the Gallery.
  • Add bare-bones write-up about The London Wall.

14 Dec 03

16 Nov 03

20 Oct 03

15 Sep 03

8 Aug 03

03 Jul 03

27 Jun 03
  • Wendy is back online at www.wendyrichardmbe.com! Links changed to point to new URL.

14 Jun 03

28 May 03
  • Update the Current page with regard to Wendy's Houston visit.

22 May 03
  • FLASH! More info about Wendy's Houston visit on the Current page.

25 Apr 03

9 Mar 03

27 Jan 03

27 Dec 02

19 Nov 02

30 Oct 02

15 Sep 02

04 Sep 02

17 Aug 02

24 Jul 02

25 Jun 02

17 Jun 02

6 Jun 02

28 Apr 02

16 Mar 02

06 Feb 02

26 Jan 02
  • Move all pre-2001 "What's New" entries into the archives.
  • A link to a nice article about Wendy on a non-newsmedia web site; she is quoted on the positive value of the Variety Club Children's Charity.
  • Mention two old articles from back in November, 2000 (neither of which exist any longer) about Wendy's MBE: one from Online Sun and the other from the Online Mirror.
  • A tidbit about Wendy's role in 1971's Please, Sir comedy TV series.
  • Add general info on three shows she guested on a few years ago: talk show Esther, and game shows Give Us A Clue and Easy Money.
  • A few new words about Are You Being Served?
  • A brief write-up on and links to her very brief appearance in 1993's Dr Who charity special.
  • Link to a fine Guardian Unlimited photo archive image of Wendy during the Nov 01 Royal visit to the set of EastEnders.
  • Add link in the EastEnders write-up pointing to a brief, but accurate, analysis of Pauline Fowler.
  • Links to three sites recording Wendy's attendance at Discover Dogs conventions over the last couple of years. Some small, but nice, images, and articles.
  • Note a photo and brief mention of Wendy in TV Now! magazine, August 2001.

8 Jan 02 After taking some time to look after personal matters and to reflect on the terrible national events of late last year, your webmaster now returns to the helm of the WRAP.
  • Link added to a fairly prominent mention of Wendy in a recent BBC News online article about Queen Elizabeth visiting the EastEnders set.
  • Also note a couple of newspapers' coverage of that same visit in the Print Articles Section.
  • At last! A listen to the two songs Wendy did in 1963 with Diane Berry (bonus: short excerpts from each!).
  • A few new tidbits on the Current page.
  • Update info on Bio page (but no surprises, if you've read her book).
  • New info about her 1986 Come Outside recording.
  • Added image to the 2001 room of the Gallery for Wendy's recent Life On The Box appearance, and a preliminary write-up (detailed review will come later.....).
  • Note in the Print Articles section an extraordinary four-part article on Wendy that appeared in Sep/Oct 01 within the pages of The Weekly News.

31 Aug 01
  • Add image from Harpers West One to the 1961 room of the Gallery.
  • Add to the Herself wing of the Gallery a quite attractive -- and rarely seen -- image of Wendy from the 1970s.
  • Add a transcript of her recent Breakfast morning news show appearance.
  • A much more in-depth look at her recently-aired The Likely Lads appearance.

15 Aug 01
  • Add image from Sammy Meets the Girls to the 1960 room of the Gallery, and a brief write-up.
  • Add images for Up, Pompeii to the 1970 room of the Gallery.
  • Add images for The Likely Lads to the 1965 room of the Gallery. (Will improve the show's write-up for the next update.)
  • Add EastEnders - It's Your Party (2001) and the BBC's Breakfast show (2001) to her television résumé. Will add reviews of both, in the near future.
  • Add 1991's EastEnders Handbook to the bibliography.
  • Add a link to a recent BBC News on-line article that quotes Wendy and provides a Real Media video interview.

17 Jul 01
  • Add to the Herself Gallery two links to external images of Wendy:
    -- a lovely portrait of Wendy with Toastmaster Robert Gee, on his website.
    -- an impromptu shot of her at a Dad's Army event last year, on the Thetford regional website.
  • Note in the Print Articles section a recent article about Wendy in the Feb 01 issue of Candis magazine (a British subscription-only mag that supports medical charities). Images in the Herself Gallery.
  • Discovered another charity with which Ms. Richard is associated: the Newfound Friends. -- and rearrange the Charity page so that newest items are now at the top of the page, for reader convenience.
  • Add links to a fairly new Tamzin Outhwaite fan website, wherever she's mentioned here on the WRAP.
  • Update disclaimer to note I have no control over the content of external sites I link to (pretty obvious, but worth stating anyway).
  • Tweak to the Not on Your Nellie write-up.
  • Note possible character name for radio show "Cat's Whiskers".
  • Add a very short tidbit about her 1978 appearance on Rainbow. (Thanks, Steve!)

22 Jun 01

19 Jun 01
  • A entry on the TV page for Wendy's appearance on Holiday 2001, plus images.
  • Mention of her recently-uncovered work on a 1965 episode of The Likely Lads.
  • Two additions to the Herself gallery: a grand image from last year's investiture; and a look at a very contemporary publicity card of Wendy's.
  • Add new entries to the Current page.
  • Pointer to article about Wendy in the 8 June OK! celebrity magazine, and a related 'about' quote.
  • Add a 'signpost' at the incorrect URL published in Wendy's book (that is, "http://pages.prodigy.net/glc/wrhp/html/wr") to guide folks to the correct address of the WRAP (I don't know why I didn't do this earlier . . .).
  • Identify the other contestants on Wendy's celebrity Weakest Link appearance, and added data links for the EE characters they play.
  • Since my web space allocation recently jumped from six to 15 MB, increase the size of some existing images so they may be seen to best effect: the '99 publicity shot, the mid-Seventies shot, and a 2000 image.

30 May 01
  • Funny Turns: John Inman: a more detailed review, plus images from this 1999 interview.
  • A look at Wendy's featured appearance on the BBC's Bedtime Reading series.
  • Updates and mods to the Charity Page:
    -- mention (at the bottom.) of BTCV association
    -- link to the Flora Light charity footrace last year
    -- mention of NatureWatch support (1999)
    -- update the "Dogs for the Disabled" hyperlink
    -- spun-off the charity data into its own page, mostly for my convenience.
  • A nice, but rarely-seen EastEnders shot, in the 1986 room of the Gallery (3rd from the top.)
  • A 1988 image from EastEnders added to the Gallery.
  • Note about Wireless Wise.
  • Update bibliography.
  • Correct the article hyperlink to the My Radio 4 interview.
(Next update: review of Holiday 2001 appearance.)

21 Apr 01
  • A little more info about Wendy's 1986 Xmas season panto work.
  • Brief appearance in mid-March in the pages of Hello! magazine.
  • Just a tidbit about her April appearance on Holiday 2001. (I'll provide a much more detailed review of the episode during my next update, if I can snag a copy of the show.)

15 Mar 01

17 Feb 01
  • Link added to an 16 Dec 00 online article in the Guardian Unlimited. It is a set of answers Wendy provided to a reporter's questionnaire. Some interesting info here.
  • A look at a radio interview Ms. Richard did for Steve Wright of BBC Radio 2 late last year.
  • Link added to a BBC Radio 4 Online Q & A session with Wendy that was posted on 16 Feb 00.
  • Add the small associated image to the This Morning write-up and some additional details about the show brought to my attention.
  • Add links on the Radio page and TV page to selected transcripts of her Just a Minute shows.
  • In January, no less than six hard-copy magazines appeared with pictures and/or articles about Wendy or her character of Pauline. Here's what they were. One in particular, Hello! magazine of 9 Jan 00 was very well done, with a couple of lovely articles and scads of great shots.
  • Description of a recent online article that mentioned Wendy, from The Sun (27 Jan 01).
  • A few words about her This Is Your Life, Todd Carty appearance.
  • Addition to the "Quotes about Wendy" page.
  • An online article about Wendy that originated on The Online Mirror in late November of 2000.

27 Jan 01

28 Dec 00
  • Added images from and info about Wendy's On The Buses TV work.
  • Added a write-up and look at her recent Life and Times of . . . appearance.
  • Expanded a little on the write-up about Both Ends Meet
  • Rewrote the verbiage for the 1986 room of the Gallery with some new info.
  • Added reference on the Charity page about a 1998 fundraiser that Wendy attended.

11 Dec 00

29 Nov 00

10 Nov 00
  • Rearranged and added to the 1985 room of the Gallery.
  • Added a large B&W image to the 1986 room of the Gallery.
  • Added a few words to existing Charity info (hint: how long does it take to scribble a squirrel?).
  • Added a few more words about that most recent card in the Herself Gallery.
  • Added EastEnders: The Inside Story to the Bibliography.

5 Nov 00
  • Updated Current with latest info about Wendy's book.

3 Nov 00
  • A new lovely image from an autographed card, circa mid-Seventies?
  • In Current, updated info about her new book.
  • A couple of tidbits about recent charity work Ms. Richard's done: her entry in the recent 'Scribble a Squirrel' art auction and attendance at a RUKBA fund-raiser.
  • Added Real Soap to Bibliography page; also reformatted the page in order to provide comments on what Wendy-info each reference book offers.
  • An image of the 45-rpm vinyl record of Wendy's 1962 song Come Outside.
  • Added an external link on the Stage page related to Wendy's cruise ship work.
  • Updated the RealPlayer access link on the Quote page.
  • Re-processed many images to reduce their file sizes -- I'm about to max out my web space allocation for this ISP. . .

1 Nov 00

06 Oct 00

27 Sep 00
  • Updated latest info in Current about her upcoming book.
  • Finally identified the fashion designer mentioned in Wendy's Heaven & Earth interview.

22 Sep 00
  • Added a handsome 1977 image from her "Are You Being Served?" movie.
  • Added a pointer to a news article in the Sunday Mirror (on-line), 17 Sep 00.
  • Added a tidbit or two in the Current section.
  • Added a disclaiming footnote to Bill Pertwee's quote about Wendy.

4 Sep 00

14 Aug 00

21 Jul 00

15 Jul 00

18 Jun 00

14 Jun 00
  • Added a pointer to a 25 Feb 00 on-line article about Wendy entitled "The Wonderful Wendy Richard" (alas, as of 2012, the article is no more....).
  • Added a pointer to a quote of Wendy's opposing live hunting found on the League Against Cruel Sports web site.

9 Jun 00
  • A detailed review of her two 1986 songs with Mike Berry, as well as much improved images of the 45-rpm record's slipcover.
  • An observation added to an existing news article.

4 Jun 00
  • A couple of new remarks on the Current page.
  • A short tidbit about Ms. Richard's recent TV appearance on a Dad's Army celebration special.
  • A definite update to one of her snail-mail addresses on the Bio page.
  • Pointer to an article in The Guardian about greyhound racing that mentions Wendy in passing.

27 May 00

17 May 00
  • List of Wendy's known television credits expanded.
  • Added a larger version of a recent Pauline Fowler publicity picture.
  • Tweaked the "What's New" page to fix a problem when displayed using the Opera browser.

11 May 00
  • Ms. Richard has indeed established an official presence on the World Wide Web! The URL for her new site is www.wendyrichard.com (no longer active).  Please be patient: it's still very much under construction; nonetheless, it looks like it has some real promise. There's some info out there already, and even a couple of recent (and quite handsome) posed photos.
  • Added a tidbit on the availability of some of Wendy's Dad's Army radio recordings from the 1970s.
  • Added a partial write-up and images of her 1986 re-recording of Come Outside with Mike Berry.
  • Just this once, I'll do something browser-specific: for users of Internet Explorer, uploaded a customized favicon.ico that should display when you bookmark the W.R.A.P. homepage as a Favorite. Enjoy!
  • An apparent change to one of her snail-mail addresses.
  • Added a bit of somewhat off-topic meta-data about the origins of this site.
  • Latest confirmed tidbit about the availability of Wendy's autobiography.

1 May 00
  • NEWS FLASH! I have recently received word that:
    > work is in progress on an official UK web site for Ms. Richard;
    > Wendy has activated an email address to which fans are welcome to write in lieu of using snail mail;
    > her long-awaited autobiography will be coming out later this year.
    I am currently attempting to verify all of these developments and hope to provide additional, specific details as soon as possible.
  • Wordsearch Puzzle #2 has been added to the Creative Corner of the Gallery.

28 Apr 00

9 Apr 00

3 Apr 00
  • Clarification of a bit of Heaven and Earth interview info, and a relevant link.
  • A sharp-eyed fan just alerted me that Wendy's outfit is the same in two EastEnders pictures which I'd labeled as three years apart. Hmmm. I could call that coincidence, except that Shirley Cheriton's dress appears to be the same, too. Oops. I've moved the "1987" image to the 1984 room of the Gallery.

30 Mar 00
  • A look at Ms. Richard's recent Heaven & Earth appearance.
  • Short description of her appearance on the Generation Game game show.
  • New images and comments added to the 1984 and 2000 rooms of the Gallery.
  • Much larger and nicer anchored JPEG image added for the topmost photo (from 1985/86) in the Herself wing of the Gallery. It's gorgeous!
  • Restructured the lay-out of, and rebuilt the navigation aids within, the Television area. (The nav aids are explained in the About This Site page.)

7 Mar 00
  • Images added to the Herself, 1985, and 1986 rooms of the Gallery.
  • Refined the first image caption in the Intro and the twelfth image caption in the Herself Gallery.
  • The Creative Corner of the Gallery is now open! The initial offerings include a wallpaper, some interpretive images, and the first of a series of word search puzzles.

31 Jan 00

16 Jan 00

3 Jan 00

27 Nov 99

30 Oct 99
  • Review of her recent It's Only TV . . . game show appearance.
  • An interview with John Inman mentioning Ms. Richard and stage work.
  • The 1999 room of the Image Gallery has been opened.
  • Site map added for general reference.

24 Sep 99
  • Added a pointer in the on-line article section from "This Is London" news magazine.
  • Complete revamp of the 1996 room of the Image Gallery.
  • Pointer added to some additional shots of Wendy with Paul McCartney back in the 1960s.
  • A (so far) scanty entry added for Hogg's Back.

25 Aug 99

15 Jul 99
  • A couple of images in the Herself Gallery.
  • A tidbit of info about her 1970 Up Pompeii appearance.
  • An image from her Carry On Again, Christmas work in the 1970 Gallery.
  • Added a photo link vaguely related to Ms. Richard's stage appearance in Are You Being Served? back in the '70s.

9 Jun 99
  • Some black and white shots of Ms. Richard from Danger Man.

4 May 99
  • Many, many new audio files for both Pauline and Shirley.

15 Mar 99

15 Feb 99
  • A cute shot of Wendy from her pre-AYBS?days in the Herself Gallery.
  • Some miscellaneous updates of TV and FAQ info.
  • Repaired/removed some broken external links...

11 Dec 98

5 Nov 98

17 Oct 98
  • A new posed image in the 1991 Role Gallery.
  • Additional Dad's Army images in the 1972 Gallery.
  • A music tidbit in FAQ #7.
  • More info on her Dad's Army work.
  • A couple new audio files for Miss Brahms quotes.
  • More miscellaneous info on many of Ms. Richard's early TV shows.

22 Sep 98
  • Some new images: 1984 and 1977 in the Role Gallery.
  • Link to a recent article from 'Woman's Own' magazine, plus a lovely accompanying photo, in the Herself Gallery.

20 Sep 98

13 Aug 98

3 Jul 98

2 Jun 98

28 May 98

28 Apr 98

27 Mar 98
  • Yet another gorgeous publicity photo.
  • Image added to the 1996Gallery.

22 Mar 98

26 Feb 98
  • Another handsome publicity photo.
  • Mods to the Bio.
  • Some miscellaneous info about a few of her early TV shows.
  • A few more words on her stage work.
  • Reorganized the Interviews page. How does it look?

11 Feb 98

22 Jan 98
  • A new publicity photo -- and other info -- from Ms. Richard (Bio, FAQ #3).
  • Episode synopsis for her 1965 role in Danger Man (TV page).

1 Jan 98
  • A great start to the new year! Added Ms. Richard's current agent's address (Bio).

29 Dec 97

3 Dec 97
  • Re-processed the full-size "pink" jpeg image anchored on Bio page. Much better now, I hope.

12 Nov 97

5 Nov 97

7 Oct 97
  • The Wendy Richard Appreciation Page is activated; crowds go wild!
    The author goes out for barbeque.

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