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The Disclaimer

I do not represent this site as being an official 'fan' site for Ms. Richard.

It is an informal and non-profit effort of mine, solely intended as an educational and research exercise. No commercial entity sponsors this site.

Some of the original images (and the characters portrayed) which those at this site are based on, may be from broadcast, print, or still photograph productions, and remain the property of their original owners. For that reason, any commercial or for-profit use of this material is pretty certainly not authorized and may be prohibited.
In other words: All images and sounds contained here are copyrighted to their respective owners. No financial or legal infringement is implied or intended.

Please note that pages in this suite maintain external links to a wide variety of websites, for reference and further reading on various subjects. The WRAP webmeister is not responsible for the content of these external sites.

Any opinions expressed are those of the Webmeister alone, as are factual errors, where such exist.

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