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French writer André Gide once noted "The scholar seeks, the artist finds.". In the spirit of that keen observation, this experimental wing of the Gallery is offered. It does not seek to document Ms. Richard's presence across the vast landscape of British television entertainment, but strives rather to present and interpret the actress and her characters through a variety of diverse media.

Please note that this section of the Gallery is open to contribution by any and all. Have you a work -- in any medium, whether it be pen on paper, brush on canvas, or mouse on desktop -- that you would like to share with the myriad other fans of Ms. Richard? If the subject or topic of the work is Wendy, and it is of a tasteful and positive nature, then please feel free to contact the webmeister, who will be pleased to offer here your work for the enjoyment of all.

Artwork - (Unofficial and Official)

Unofficial Wendy wallpapers

The 9th Wendy Richard wallpaper
New data  Size: 1024 x 768.  A simple wall that recalls Wendy's youthful and uncomplicated beauty in 1971.  Who knew then what the future would hold?

Wendy Wallpaper Nine(53k)

(41k)We see a wide shot of Pauline, still wearing her overcoat, standing the doorway between her kitchen and living room, on the set of "EastEnders"

The 8th Wendy Richard wallpaper
Size: 1024 x 768.  A contemplation of Pauline Fowler's world.
The 7th Wendy Richard wallpaper
Size: 1024 x 768.  Offered as a gentle rebuke to those who claim a smile has never graced the lips of Pauline Fowler, this set of images is from EastEnders, 1998-2000.  (The original, non-wallpaper version of this montage is here.)

Wendy Wallpaper Seven(114k)

(54k)Wendy Wallpaper IV

The 6th Wendy Richard wallpaper
Size: 1024 x 768.  Light and bright, this features Wendy as herself, but kitted out as a fairy-godmother during a Christmas episode of Blankety-Blank in late 1986.
The 5th Wendy Richard wallpaper
Size: 1024 x 768.  A refreshing glimpse of Pauline's warm side, this image from EastEnders, mid-2000, also conveys a sense of Wendy's own attractiveness.

Wendy Wallpaper V(74k)

(72k)Wendy Wallpaper IV

The 4th Wendy Richard wallpaper
Size: 1024 x 768.  Wendy as Pauline, EastEnders, mid-2000.  A subdued image that works well as a background.
Pauline Fowler
A rather remarkable contemporary portrait of the matriarch of Albert Square by British artist Josie McCoy, which she evidently did as part of a series on the major female characters on EastEnders.  The piece is now in a private collection.  (External website)


(82k)Wendy Wallpaper III

The 3rd Wendy Richard wallpaper
Size: 1024 x 768.  A simple 'paper, this shows Wendy as her character Pauline Fowler, late 1980s. The left-to-right grayscale gradient reduces the portrait's crispness, but is necessary so one may still see one's desktop icon labels. For the same reason, the portrait is offset to the right.
The 2nd Wendy Wallpaper
This warm and artsy wallpaper is from a European fan. It offers memorable sayings and images from Wendy's best known roles. Size: 1024 x 768.

Wendy wallpaper in olive drab(60k)

(61k)Wendy Wallpaper I

The first Wendy Richard computer wallpaper
Size: 1024 x 768 -- and perhaps just a little 'busier' than most PC desktop background images, but, hey, it's the thought that counts, right? The work evolved from a smaller composition which I pieced together while familiarizing myself with Ulead PhotoImpact.
Camping In
This is an digitally reprocessed image from the AYBS? episode of the same name. It has been executed in the style of a colored chalk drawing, and accentuates the youthful exuberance of Miss Brahms.

Shirley rendered in charcoal (41k)

(55k)sparkling Wendy

Irresistible Sparkle
A whimsical interpretation of Miss Brahms, from AYBS? "Diamonds are a Man's Best Friend", digitally reprocessed as a watercolor.
Who Are You?
A mood interpretation of Anne Scott, from Gumshoe, reprocessed after the manner of an unframed oil-on-canvas work.
Note the heightened tension of her surroundings: the dynamic line of the window sill lays in jarring contrast to the stolid shapes of the cabinets. The juxtaposition neatly captures the scene's unspoken symbolism of a young woman caught in a grey and oppressive present, yet looking with resolve toward her eventual freedom.

Anne Scott(49k)

Official BBC Wendy wallpapers


fowler trio


For a few years on the official EastEnders website the BBC offered a collection of wallpapers of some of the characters, families, and locales. While it is not this webmeister's belief that they began offering walls simply to follow the example set by the WRAP, he is nevertheless glad to see this additional perk offered to online fans of the show.
The thumbnails here lead to the BBC pages on which specific Wendy-related walls (in a choice of standard sizes) may be found.
The 1st image is Pauline with Arthur and baby Martin about 1985 (interestingly, the shot is reversed: note the front of Arthur's shirt and his ringless hand).
The 2rd is a Fowler family photo, also from 1985. (External website)

pauline fowler
pauline fowler
These delightful Wendy-specific wallpapers are available in a number of different sizes, and your webmeister considers them fine examples of her look circa-early 21st Century (judging from the hairstyles).  Interestingly, although the first shot may have been photographed on the EE set, it actually seems to be of Wendy (note the stylish blouse and her MBE pin!).  If the archived pages don't laod after all, these two wallpapers can picked up here and here.

Prose & Poetry

Olympian Pauline

A short essay examining Wendy's character of Pauline Fowler from the perspective of classical Greek mythology.

Word Games

Wendy Richard Word Search puzzles!

Taking the Tube [subway] to work? Stuck on the telephone with someone you can't hang up on? Keep a hardcopy of one of these puzzles handy for such times. Each one is based on information presented at this site, and is configured as a straight text array so it can be printed out and solved at your convenience.

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