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TV SCENE, 31 July - 6 August 1982

Wendy's Heartbreak

Sexy actress Wendy Richard, of television's Are You Being Served? fame, is suffering the heartache of a broken marriage.

Bubbly Wendy, who played the busty cockney shopgirl Miss Brahms in the hit series, revealed that she secretly parted from her husband earlier this year.  After being married for less than two years she is starting divorce proceedings from advertising executive Will Thorpe.

 "I am heartbroken.  At the moment I don't care if I never set eyes on another man again," she said.

Wendy, 36 [sic], should have been celebrating her second anniversary later this month.  Instead, at her cosy flat in London, she said:  "I feel deeply hurt that our marriage has failed.  Will was the love of my life.  We had been together for six years before we wed and I don't believe I'll find anyone like him again.  I'll never say a bad word about Will.  There were too many happy times."

But Will, 41, said:  "As far as I'm concerned, this lady doesn't exist."

Wendy said:  "I don't want him back, and I've started divorce proceeedings.  We weren't suited to marriage.  Will has always been one of the lads and maybe he felt hemmed in.  But I'm an old-fashioned girl who believes firmly in fidelity.  In eight years Will was the only man I had."

And Wendy's deepest regret?

 "What does sadden me is that I don't have children."

It was Wendy's second marriage -- her first was to businessman Len Black in 1972, which she described as "a total disaster."


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