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Not Wendy

Whether due to insufficient information -- or simple wishful thinking -- photos of other people occasionally circulate as being of Wendy Richard.  While Wendy fans are not easily misled, often the resemblance is close and thus the error understandable and easy to forgive.  This section of the WRAP is offered to help all distinguish between those photos claimed to be of Wendy and those truly of the lady herself.

Joanne Lumley -- not Wendy.

Though blonde, attractive, and also appearing on Are You Being Served?, the woman on the left is actually guest start Joanna Lumley.

unknown photo of girl with scarf in her hair - not Wendy

Since at least the mid-1990s, this photo has been labeled as of Wendy Richard.  It is not.  Perhaps it is some other UK actress with the same first name.

lProfessional lookalike of Pauline Fowler

This lady's name is Annete Raphael, and she is actually a professional lookalike for Wendy's character of Pauline Fowler.

Man and woman.  The woman is probably not Wendy Richard.

This photo came in 2010 from another fan who tracked it back to this website (archived link).  I'm certain enough that it is not our Wendy.  While this person's general appearance is similar, circa 1987 maybe, other aspects such as the shape of her face and type of jewelery she's wearing are distinctly unlike Ms Richard's.  I'd have to call it a "not".

Wendy Richard photo, but doesn't look like Wendy Richard's signature

A pic that was encountered on the 'Net in 2014.  While it is indeed one of Wendy's photos, the ink signature appears very unlike any other signing your webmeister has seen of Wendy's.  The letters look all wrong.  As for the "best wishes" inscription:  while that's quite unusual for her, it's not unknown -- especially if the photo was provided in response to a charity request.
So:  authentic?  Unknown, but on balance -- and until evidence to the contrary surfaces -- this looks like a "not".  New data


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