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Appearance on Good Morning Britain (1984)

Nick Owen

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"[??]" is used to indicate uncertain transcription phrases.

The show's host introduces a pre-produced segment that features Wendy:

NO : "It's just gone ten past eight; a very good morning to you.  Now one of the items we particularly enjoy here at TV-am is our weekly Friday feature "Fantasy Time".  And this week, we asked actress Wendy Richard if there is a secret lifetime ambition which we could help her fulfill, and to our surprise, lovely Wendy chose to train as a firewoman for a day.  Well, we asked the firemen from Bow Fire Station in east London if they would like to include an extra pair of hands, and they very kindly agreed to put Wendy through her paces.  So, we join them at role call . . ."

Wendy is seen learning how to use a spray hose, going five stores up on a hydraulic rescue platform, and kitted up with mask and air tank in order to go into a smoke-filled room and rescue a teddy bear.  At the conclusion of the five-minute-long segment, Wendy is seen back in the studio with Nick Owen.

NO : "And our thanks to Graham Russell, Steve McLachlan, and all the other lads at Bow Fire Station for giving us such a great day.  Did you enjoy your fantasy, Wendy?"

WR : "Oh, yes, it was fantastic.   I tell ya, those boys on Red Watch, they are the business, they really are smashing. . ."

NO : "And it wasn't a very nice day, weather-wise."

WR : "No, no.  I mean, not only did I get this as a souvenir --" (proudly holds up a yellow fire helmet) "-- I've got a wonderful cold as well . . ."

NO : "So you feel really row, do you?"

WR : "Yes, I do feel a bit off this morning . . ."

NO : "Well, you're looking wondeful; it's good to have you here today; thanks for coming.  So why did you want to be a firelady?"

WR : "Well, it's . . . when all the bells and sirens and what have you are going, I think it's so exciting.  You know they're on their way to some disaster, so it's not much fun for somebody.  But I just think it is wonderful, you know, it's really good."

NO : "Is it a difficult job?  I mean, it would appear to be very difficult."

WR : "Um, yes, but one of them said, that they do have lady firepeople now . . . or firepersons -- I don't know what you'd call them now -- but . . . it's the training, if they're trained to fit anybody, you know, with the proper training, I suppose it's like any job really, I think women in particular.  They're just fantastic."

NO : "Did you actually lift anyone?"

WR : "No . . .  One of them . . . I couldn't get in the fire engine!  One of them -- I don't know if you saw it in the film -- he obviously thought about it, but he gave a new meaning to 'fireman's lift', because he just went wallop, and I fell on my head in the fire engine, and I couldn't stop laughing!"

NO : "Having had a go at it, would you have fancied it?"

WR (quietly, but firmly): "No, I'm not that brave.  I think they're all so marvelous.  I couldn't do what they do.  I think they're wonderful."

NO : "And you thoroughly enjoyed it?"

WR : "Oh, yes, very much."

NO : "That's good to know.  Now can I cast your mind back to the early stage of your career?  Not many people know, that yours is the voice on what?"

WR : "Oh, Come Outside, yeah, yeah."

NO : "The way it's being replayed over the years, you should have got a lot of money out of that."

WR : "Yeah, I got 15 quid.  That was it.  And I do wish people would stop talking about it, because I can't lie about my age.  I try to say I was only 12 when I did it, but it doesn't always work."

NO : "Didn't you have to say 'get lost' or something?"

WR : "Um, yes, and 'give over', and . . . 'need a shave'.  That was it."

NO : "Okay, we'll chat again later.  Just tell me briefly, have you had a good holiday recently?"

WR : "I haven't had a holiday in years, but I'm hoping with a bit of luck to go . . . ? . . . the French . . . ? . . . of Cyprus, and get a bit of sunshine."

The show's host then branches into an unrelated topic of discussion.

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