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TV TIMES, 19-25 February 1972

Wendy's Cheek and Backchat

Wendy Richard says she has a rather "cheeky" nature.  So not unnaturally she ends up on television playing cheeky girls.  She's in Both Ends Meet with Dora Bryan this week and has been seen in Please Sir@ and On the Buses.

The cheekiness which most viewers will see as youthful effervescence started when she told pop singer turned film and TV producer Mike Sarne to "get lost" -- Wendy provided the back-chat remarks on Sarne's first and last hit record Come Outside.

Now she's packing sausages along a conveyor belt in Both Ends Meet.  And serving them sometimes in her mother's bed-and-breakfast hotel in north London.  "I don't even like sausages," says the comedy-actress.  Cheeky!

She is pictured, above, serving breakfast to one of the residents in the hotel.


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