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RADIO TIMES, 4 - 10 January 1992

They're Free!


All [the cast] enjoyed the filming at Chavenage House, near Tetbury, Gloucestershire. "It's a great idea," says Wendy Richard, who has returned as Miss Brahms and is to be found stepping daintily through the mud in high heels. "David Croft always said we were too good a team to lose. I think we all look the same and, besides, we are such friends."

Is Miss Brahms, the show's not-so-dumb blonde, now older and wiser? "She's smashing -- always the most sensible of them all. But she'd never admit to older. Since she left the store she's had a fling with a man who had an amusement arcade in Newport Pagnell."

For Wendy Richard there has been no break from television since Are You Being Served?. She had barely put away Miss Brahms's stilettos and short skirts when she began buttoning up Pauline Fowler's frumpy cardigans in EastEnders. But there were times when she wondered what on earth she'd let herself in for. "On one particularly cold day, Mollie Sugden and I found ourselves standing in a horse trough of hot water, teaseling sheets! I said, 'Mollie, is this the most ridiculous thing you've ever done in your career?' and she said, 'Yes'."

Hang on. "teaseling"? "You'll have to watch to find out," she says.

Hilary Kingsley

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