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Pauline Quotes: Insights

Some words that provide one an intriguing window into the mind of Pauline Fowler.

"Mind you, it wouldn't be my idea of a job, you know. Grubbing about in soil. But, I suppose you've got to earn a living some'ow."
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"Where's me prune crackers? . . .Oh, this is bliss, not 'aving to cook!"
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"You can call me old-fashioned if you like, but if you think women's lib is all about holding down a career, bringing up a child on your own, and then trying to find somebody decent to take you out once in a while, then you can stick it, as far as I'm concerned."
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"I have standards; I know right from wrong!"

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"I'm not one of these people who can go through life ignoring things. I have to speak my mind."
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"Well, I hope he's enjoying being at his party, because I'm certainly enjoying not being there. God bless us every one."
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