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From: Time Out, UK, March 25-April 1, 1998

The Bitch is Back

"Well, it makes a change from Mrs. Slocombe's pussy. Wendy Richard, star of 'EastEnders' and 'Are You Being Served', has acquired an 18-month-old bitch. She's the co-owner of a greyhound called Mrs. Slocombe, which is currently going through time trials at Walthamstow Stadium. Richard already owns a dog with Pete Dean (aka Pete Beale) called Shirley Brahms. Cor blimey treacle, luvverly jubbly guv, all right princess, etc.

And if you want further proof that greyhound racing is going to the dogs (sorry, being gentrified): GQ Active has just bought its own dog, Hyperactive Lad; Teddy Sheringham is a Walthamstow Stadium regular; and David Beckham used to work behind the bar there. At this rate, Mrs. Slocombe the bitch will soon be giving philosophical post-race interviews about seagulls and trawlers."

--author unknown--

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